Represents the perception of things, and in some cases is the protection and wisdom.

- If in our dream we see someone unknown whether a child, woman, man, elderly, etc.), and noticed that his eyes are FULLY BLACK (Without the whites who have normal eyes), it means that an evil spirit is bothering us or can get to it soon, for example: because you have been playing with the Ouija board or to be trying to contact an evil spirit. Which advises us to avoid invoke unreliable spirits.

- If we dream that we are BLIND, means we have an unwarranted fear of being deceived, or may mean powerlessness over our difficulties in our lives.

- To dream about a BLACK-CAT WITH GREEN AND BIG EYES tells us to be more observant and able to look after our interests that relate to love, as there is a woman who is trying to sabotage our plans that have to do with love.

- If we dream that we bring BLINDFOLD represents lack of vision for those around us, and tells us that there are false and hypocritical people who have tried or will try to take advantage of us or our situation. In this case also should pay attention to the people that we get to see the same dream as their characteristics may give us a clue who that person(s) hypocritical and false.

- If in the dream we see a unknown-man or a unknown-child with BLOOD IN HIS(HER) EYES means that someone has us ill will because he(she) has realized that we are doing something bad against him(her) or because he(she) thinks we are humiliating.
Moreover, if in the dream we see our son with blood in his eyes, it means that she (he) feels that we we're hurting or belittling in any way, which advises us to analyze the situation very well to know what to this happening.

- If in the dream we see someone with BULGING EYES it means that someone is watching us or is aware of what we do.

- To dream about an EYE OF A CAT, advises us to be more observant and skilled care to achieve our interests, because something is happening to us unnoticed.

- If in the dream we see an actor or actress, and noticed that her(his) eyes are DIFFERENT COLOR, and it happens that her(his) eyes remind us of someone we know, (for example: An actress who in reality has green eyes, but in the dream your eyes are gray like those of someone we know) means that person who we know do not feel sufficiently recognized, or feel that we are not appreciating enough.

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- If in the dream we see the EYE OF A DOLPHIN means that we should show more wisdom and leadership (lead smarter, for example: look how to get along with everyone, give a little on some things .....)

- If in the dream just see the eye of a DRAGON, represents wisdom, and means that we are observers and skill has helped us find important knowledge, or that we have found an important knowledge. It may also mean that sometimes we do something bad to avoid worse evil, and in this case, tells us that we do the right thing even if it seems we're being bad or too severe.

- If we are FEEL THE LOOK OF SOMEONE but see anyone (just feel his eyes), tells us that we feel guilty about something or circumstance.

- If in the dream that gets us puts us FOAM SOAP IN OUR EYES, AND THEREFORE FAIL TO SEE GOOD, means there is something that we have fail to see, understand, discover, or decrypt, BUT WE CLEAN WITH WATER we clean and we see good then it means we have manage to see, understand, discover, or decrypt something.

- If you dream that gets us FOAM SOAP IN OUR EYES, BUT THEN WE WASH WITH DIRTY WATER (for whatever reason), to see well, means we have managed to discover something, yet it can lead us to consequences.

- Dreaming GEM CALLED CAT EYE, advises us to be more observant and skilled care to achieve our interests, because something is happening to us unnoticed.

- If in our dream we see the HIEROGLYPH OF AN EYE or if in our dream or that catches our attention is the hieroglyph of an eye, tells us that if we try a little more we can achieve great knowledge and special protection.

- If in our dream we see EYE IN A HOLE tells us that our reputation is threatened, or there is someone who wants to hurt us.

- If in the dream just see the EYE OF A BLACK-HORSE, means it is likely to receive bad news that relates to something that has been hidden or that have been hiding.

- If we dream that we have MORE EYES THAN NORMAL means that we have an excellent view of the facts and we can see things that most do not see. And if we see someone we know with more eyes than usual, meaning applies to that person.

- If we are going to the OCULIST means we want to find someone to help us and comfort us in our difficult problems.

- If in our dream WE SEE WITH ATTENTION THE EYE OF SOMEONE means we fear that someone knows something or other of us has been hidden.

- If we dream to we have only ONE EYE means there is something we have failed to understand well, or that we should broaden our vision (For example: We should see things from different points of view, analyze the situation better, put ourselves in other, taking into account the important details, etc.).

- If in the dream we see someone we know and noticed that we see, but also we see as he(she) OPEN YOUR EYES MORE THAN NORMAL means to that person has their methods to know what we are doing. It may also mean that the person usually practiced witchcraft or at least try.

- If we dream that WE HAVE A POWERFUL VIEW, so we can see things that are far away, it means we have found the truth about something we wanted to know and soon achieve a higher spiritual level.

- If we dream that SOMEONE HAS A POWERFUL VIEW, means the same as above but applies to the meaning that someone.

- If in the dream we see an eye and REMEMBER WELL THAT WAS A RIGHT EYE means wisdom and protection, but if it was a LEFT EYE, then, means that we are vulnerable, and we lack wisdom. And if we remember what color it was, then we can know more, for example: If we remember that it was a right eye and it was green, represents someone who can give us their friendship and we can also share valuable knowledge (If was also the eye of a person of the opposite sex, we talk about someone who can become our couple, girlfriend. . . . . and share us valuable knowledge).

- If we dream to we go in to the pool and one of our cousins or uncles, SPLASHED us and therefore we canít open our eyes, says we can soon get to have a nasty surprise because of something we did we are realizing, and advised us to review and think through all this going on around us, either at our house, our grandparents, school, work, etc..

- If you dream that SUFFER FRON EYESIGHT, but as long as we do not see with glasses or goggles, means that we need courage to face difficulties.

- If in our dream we see with our eyes SWOLLEN means that we need, view of the facts and courage to achieve what we want.

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- If in the dream someone to we know extract or TAKES OUT THE EYE OF A BLACK HORSE, means that person has been keeping us bad news, or that there is something that he (she) does not want known.

- If in the dream we see a child and when we approached him(her) happen to his(her) EYES TURN WHITE, means a pesky spirit bothering us. This dream advises us to get a silver amulet as a clover, or a coin that has the image of an eagle or a tiger.

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