If we dream of an exorcism (Without the dream reaching the moment when the evil spirit is defeated), it means that there is a lot of evil around us. What advises us to bring with us an amulet made of silver, such as a four-leaf clover, or a coin of that metal.
This dream can also be caused by having been practicing evil rituals, such as: Playing with the Ouija board or other similar ones. To prevent this dream from repeating itself, it is advisable to stop practicing such rituals and pray before sleeping.

- But if we dream that a pesky spirit (poltergeist) is bothering us and that WE DO THE EXORCISM OURSELVES (For example: A cross of salt on the floor, a prayer...) and we manage to drive it away, it means that we are managing to regain control of the situation. It can also mean that we will be able to overcome a difficult problem.

- If we dream of AN EXORCIST who manages to carry out a liberation, or that we are exorcists and we manage to carry out the liberation, it means that we will be able to control the situation or that we have the capacity to end a difficult problem.

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