Indicates increases or downgraded, especially in our jobs and almost always due to relationships or influences.

- Dreaming pushes the elevator BUTTON AND USELESS; the dream tells us that something is wrong in our work. This dream advises us analyze the situation well.

- If we CANNOT RISE the elevator, it means we have missed an opportunity.

- Upload or being in an elevator to the top of the building and DEFECATE in, tells us that we will have a promotion in our work, and an improvement in our economy.

- If in our dream got on an elevator and start to going up, we get DIZZY means that the way we think about our work is changing.

- If you dream that got on an elevator and going up or down, feel DIZZY, AND THEN SUFFERED AN ACCIDENT in the same, tells us that the way we think about our work is changing, but it will be better to analyze things well, as there something can go wrong.

- If the elevator is EMPTY we have missed an opportunity.

- If you are FULL of people, means that we are many aspirants to the same place.

- If we are just GOING DOWN an elevator, is because we are losing our job level.

- If in our dream we are waiting for the elevator and our side we see a MAN, simply means bad luck in our affairs because of a rival or enemy.

- If the elevator gets STUCK OR STOPS WHEN GOING up, or going down, it means that something is wrong, we must analyze the situation better.

- Up in the elevator to the TOP OF THE BUILDING, AND THEN DOWN to the bottom of the building, announces a positive change in our lives.

- If the elevator breaks down and were TRAPPED THERE, means that we are frustrated and restricted in our work or business, but this is due to our lack of determination and lack of confidence in ourselves.

- If we get to WHERE IS THE ELEVATOR, BUR WE CANNOT GET ON that, it means that something is wrong, normally we might have a poor fitness, or we need to do more.

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