Is associated with the earth, goodness, patience, fertility, and in some cases to motherhood. So if we see a cow may mean that we lack some of the above.

- If we dream of a woman who's wearing CLOTHES COLOR OF A COW (white spots like the cow) it means that to succeed we must have patience, or that we lack a bit of goodness and kindness to do so, depending of our current situation.

- See a DEAD COW, it means bad luck.

- If a young girl dreams that a cow DROOLED HER BED, it means that if she acts unintelligent and reckless, she can end up pregnant and with many problems.

- View FAT COWS and in good condition, means prosperity and good fortune.

- If a mother dreams of a GHOST COW, it means that one of her children feels that she is ignoring him in some way.

- If we dream that someone GIVES us a cow, it means that we need to be more considerate towards others, more patients, or that we are lacking fertility, depending on our current situation.

- If we see a cow GIVING BIRTH, it tells us of an upcoming baby in the family. It can also mean that we have a very promising project. But if we see her giving birth to a dead calf, then it means that there is a danger that one of our projects will end badly.

- If we dream that an aggressive cow is PERSECUTING us, it means that we must be more kind and patient with others.

- Seeing a PREGNANT COW, tell us a next baby in the family or we have an idea on a project that will be beneficial.


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