If we see it, as it is today it means that we will hear from him(her) or warn us of an upcoming surprise.

- If we see him AS A CHILD (when in reality he is already an adult), it represents a probable unpleasant surprise due to our lack of maturity.

- If he has PASSED AWAY, the dream tells us about something future that depends on the other signs of the dream: For example, if he is happy, the dream announces something good, if he is angry or worried, the dream warns us of a danger.
If it is a prophetic dream (See: Magic-psychic dreams) it is our cousin who visits us in our dream to give us an important message about the future, in that case the same dream can show us the future event as It can happen, even in detail, so we must be aware of these details to know how to act in due course.

- If in our dream we see one of our SMALL family members, such as a son, brother, nephew, cousin, etc., it means that we must make sure that they are well and that they do not have any problems that we should know about, for example: If we dream that One of our young family members has a nosebleed, which means that we must take more care of him, especially in the following days, to prevent him from suffering an accident, such as cutting himself with scissors or some other sharp object.

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