This sign is related to the means we have to carry out our work, or to run a business, since computers are a very important tool, so that a computer in good condition tells us that we will succeed in our work But if we see it in poor condition, then, means the opposite.

- If you dream of ANTS THAT GET INTO OUR COMPUTER, then there are bad people we will (and they are people of our work), but if we're still going to school and do not have a job, we say that someone Our school has us ill will.

- Dreaming of a BAD COMPUTER, tells us that we will have some problems in our work.

- If we dream that we are in a market or supermarket, and BOUGHT A COMPUTER, means that we have excellent means to succeed in our work.

- If in our dream we see the BOYFRIEND(GIRLFRIEND) OF OUR EX GIRLFRIEND(EX BOYFRIEND) front (Without saying anything), but in videoconference (Through the computer), it means that we would want to face that person, but we do not dare or we have not had the opportunity.

- Dreaming a BROKEN COMPUTER or a computer is broken, it means failure, or difficulties in our work.

- To dream that you're in a market or supermarket, and we want to BUY A COMPUTER, but at the end, we DO NOT BUY IT, we are told we do not have the means to succeed in our work or business.

- If you dream that you delete a word using the CURSOR, we seek the meaning of that word, because it means that we got rid of the word means to delete. But if we only delete one letter or part of the word, tells us that we are able to get rid of that word means, but it depends on us.

- A computer DIRTY, means that there is something of our work or tasks, which we must fix or correct, so that things go well.

- If in our dream we see INFORMATION ON A COMPUTER, and that information relates to our current situation, we must pay attention to what he says, because it is information we should know.

- If the dream we see a KEY NEXT TO THE KEYBOARD of a computer, promises us that the situation will change for us, thanks to our efforts.

- If we dream that someone we like goes to our house and there we LOAN THE COMPUTER AND THEN SHE(HE) DISAPPEARS, it means that in reality we do not like it and all she wants is for us to help her with something School or work (Depending on our current situation).

- If we dream that the MONITOR of our computer went out because it broke down, it means that there is a serious danger in our work or school, or a serious danger because of something of our work or school.

- If in our dream we see a computer OFF OR THAT SHUT DOWN, represents a danger in our work.

- If in our dream we see the SPEAKERS OF OUR COMPUTER IN BAD conditions, it means that there is something that is happening to us unnoticed and has to do with our work or something related to it (It is like not being able to listen or perceive well what happens ).

- Dreaming of a computer STORE, or software store, full and good looking, good luck we predicted in our work.

- If in our dream focuses on a computer keyboard, and with it, we see a TALISMAN WITH THE FIGURE OF A FAIRY, is the realization of a desire that we thought impossible and is related to our work.

- If you dream that we have to go to our TWITTER, WEB PAGE..... But all we see around is a computer with an unreliable connection and therefore unavoidable, especially for hackers do not steal our key, means that we got rid of a hazard.


- If we dream that we read an e-mail, tells us that we receive news soon. But if we distinguish what is said and to think about it, means that we have had an important finding related to what we read.

- If you dream that someone we know a hacker, tells us that this person is cheating and stealing information achieved their success, we must be careful with it.

- Dreaming find something useful on the Internet, means that we are relieved to have found something we can be very useful.

- Dreaming of a computer or a lap-top in good condition promises us success in our work.

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