The characteristics and colors of the things we see in our dream will have more meaning as we remember them clearly, for example if we see a car in the dream and remember well that it was a sports car but we do not remember what color it was, then, the meaning to look for is that of a sports car, but if one of the things we remember most is color, it means that color acquires an important meaning, as if our guardian angel told us: “Look at the color, because What I want to tell you has to do with the meaning of that particular color.”

- Beige:
This color tells us to make sure everything is well and to leave nothing unturned.

- Black:
It means uncertainty and lack of light, is the opposite of blue and dawn. It may also mean that something is wrong, or that something is not clear enough

- Black and White:
If we dream in black and white (like a movie in black and white), means we have a fear and is related to the meaning of things we see in sleep. It can also mean monotony.

- Blue:
The blue color is mainly related to the Sky, the dawn, with something that is about to start and with good feelings.

- Brown:
This is associated with the earth, fertility and sensuality.

- Dark violet:
Is associated with nobility.

- Fosphorescent: (colors that glow in the dark)
Light in the darkness, headed for the Truth.

- Fluorescent: (very bright colors)
Communication with those who have departed this world.

- Gold:
It is a color associated with the Sun and its qualities like protection, the True, and the Divine union.

- Gray:
represents the indifference and depression.

- Green:
It is the color of life and nature, of justice and also has to do with the natural order. Sometimes it also means hope.

- Magenta:
It is associated with sensuality and love that starts. For example: Dreaming that we wear a magenta shirt, means that we will be lucky and related to a love that starts.
In some cases it tells us that a love that begins begins to grow stronger.

- Maroon:
It represents the success and prosperity, also represents the lasting and fortunate.

- Orange:
This is associated with ambition, and is also a shade of red or yellow, so it is also associated to reflection and passion.

- Pink:
This is associated with sensuality and love you begins.

- Purple
Dreaming of a purple triangle represents a possible separation with our partner, accompanied by difficulties (Since a triangle represents a likely separation and purple difficulties).

- Red:
This color represents protection, marriage, passion, blood, war, fire, and sexuality. Red also tells us that our soul is ready for action.

- Silver:
This is associated with the moon, and hence the origin of life and of all things. It also means that soon we will have special protection.

- Violet:
Represents the memory and nostalgia.

- White:
It represents peace and tranquility.

- Yellow:
It symbolizes the reflection, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and also is associated with the sun, motherhood, spiritual and material sustenance and prosperity.


- Flashy colors:
A silk garment of flashy color, means that we try to attract the attention of others. In this case if the silk were, for example, bright red, it means that we want to attract attention with respect to love; if it were bright pink, with regard to sensuality; if it were bright green, with regard to justice, and if it was blue screeching, with regard to good feelings.

Here we see a flashy color.

- Opaque:
If in our dream, one of the most notorious things is that the color of certain things is opaque, it means that we must strive to do things well and it is related to the meaning of opaque color things.

- Peach:
This color represents sensuality.

- Various colors:
If in our dream we see objects or things with many colors, it represents different difficulties and is related to the meaning of the object.

  • If we see a BED SHEET OF MANY COLORS or several sheets of different colors, means probable difficulties with our partner, which advises us to avoid any situation that can lead to arguments and problems (Since the sheets are related to our partner).
  • If we see the CLAY FIGURE OF A TURTLE and we see that its carapace is of many colors, it means that we have an excellent project, but that nevertheless it does not work well.
  • If we dream that we CUT PAPERS OF COLORS with scissors, it means that we are trying to invent a gossip or a lie to get out of a problem.
  • If in the dream we see a TORTOISE AND WE NOTICE THAT ITS CAPACITY IS OF MANY COLORS, it means that we have a problematic issue that is not going well.
  • If we see the CLAY FIGURE OF A TURTLE and we see that its carapace is of many colors, it means that we have an excellent project, but that nevertheless it does not work well.

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