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The Coins

he coins are very important because they have the form of a circle, a sign that it is very useful in a matter of amulets and talismans, since it means that I must protect leads. Besides being made of metal, which is good, because the metal is a conductor of psychic or spiritual energy, so it forms a strong bond with Somebody or with the place represented in this currency.
In these cases, it may not always be easy to find the image you want in the currency. What we can do is stick a decal circular, in which we can draw the picture or sign that we want.

Above we see a four-leaf clover formed with five currencies. At the center we see a coin with the image of the sign of Quetzalcoatl, the currency in which its edges taxed carries the words "independence and freedom". Some were observed four coins bearing remarked with the green sign for money, thus indicating: Prosperity, so that this amulet provides us with protection and prosperity. If you would like for instance, attract love, then we could draw a heart of green in each of the four currencies. If we can not get a coin with the image of Quetzalcoatl, enough to form the same symbol with five common currency, which we can bring good luck.
Another way to make a request to write the word of what we want in Nahuatl, the language is sacred, for example, instead of drawing a heart in each of the four currencies we can write the word "tlazohtlaliztli" which means love, Or "Tomino" for money, "Pacayeliztli" for health, "Quicempaccayotl" for the prosperity and happiness, and so on.

As for writing, there is another way to do it, for example, instead of writing the word in the holy language, we can write in the language they speak, but with the sacred alphabet, which consists of several letters that correspond to a sound That is, in does not take into account the orthographic rules, sound only, except for r, where if we can write twice the letter that corresponds to the r to the rr. Above we see the sacred alphabet, where we also observe two sounds more until the end, they are the sh, which corresponds to a sound "sh" like in shampoo, and the sound tl, that appears in some words of Nahuatl and is a sound similar to that of the t l, but more together, as if it were a single, but more akin to the liter to t.
In addition we can also write petitions and prayers are with the holy writ in a square of white paper and bring it in a purse or bag, which we also can be useful as a shield or amulet. (Example of a request: Oh my God / you who you are / day and night / Universal Soul. / Please help me / to get a job.).

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