Seeing a coffin in our dream means that a moral or material dependency will soon end, unless we see ourselves kneeling before the coffin, since that is the case, it means: Sorrows.

- To dream of a BLACK coffin, means that someone close to us is in danger of death. What advises us to get a protection amulet and burn incense in the morning and in the afternoon, at least for two days.

- If we dream that we are INSIDE A COFFIN, it means that we are having a radical change in our lives.

- If a friend/relative left this world recently and in our dream we see a cemetery with the coffins OUTSIDE THEIR GRAVES, it means that our friend/relative left this world before his time, for which he is grieving, so that he does not know what is happening (he feels that everything is out of place, because he has not realized that he no longer belongs to this world). What advises us to pray for him/her, so that the good spirits take him/her to Heaven.

- If in our daytime life we are sick, and we dream that we are walking down an unpleasant ROAD FULL OF COFFINS, it means that the disease we are suffering from can lead us to death, which advises us to get an amulet for health.

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