This dream tells us to review our life.

- If we dream that someone we know reviews our CELL PHONE (Facebook, WhatsApp, messages...), it means that this person is aware of everything we do.

- If in our dream we see mom with bags and then we noticed that our DAD WILL INSPECT BAGS, means he is watching or caring that she did not do anything bad.
If in addition to the above, do not remember what she brought or did not bring anything out of the ordinary, it means that our mom has the situation under control, but if it happens that the bags had something weird or unusual, it means that she do not has the situation under control and can come to be trouble.

- If in our dream we see ourselves reviewing a GOLDEN CHAIN, it means that to avoid going to jail, we must check that everything is in order, for example: The legality of what we buy/sign.

- If we review papers with MANGNIFYING GLASS means that we must review every detail of our business.

- If we dream that we are reading a document (a document that we know in our waking life) but in doing so we realize that what he says is in is a PUN, it means that there is something in that document, which we have not understood.

- If in the dream we review SOMETHING, the dream tells us to review our life.

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