Generally represents the soul or transformation.

-- Butterflies can also announce that we are changing, either materially or spiritually, in this case it is a change for the better.

-- To dream of a COIN with the image of a butterfly, tells us that we are reaching a higher spiritual level, which will bring benefits.

-- If that we remember most of dream is the COLOR of the butterfly:

    - If butterflies are BLACK: The dream tells us to avoid doing things immoral or prohibited.

    - If in our dream we see a butterfly BIG AND BLACK, perches on anywhere in our house, it means that there is a danger that a family member dies.

    - If we dream that our cat KILLS A BLACK BUTTERFLY, means that there was a danger that one of our relatives died or will happen a disgrace, but has disappeared thanks to our guardian angels who intervened to prevent something bad happened. And the same means if we dream that our cat kills a black butterfly and eats.

    - If butterflies are GRAY: Means that we should not start doing immoral or forbidden things.

    - If butterflies are RED: Warns us not to get carried away by the passions of the moment.

    - If butterflies are WHITE: Means that we need knowledge.

    - If butterflies are YELLOW: Means that we lack knowledge.

-- If we see butterflies DURING THE DAY means that there is no hidden intentions.

-- If we dream of MANY BUTTERFLIES means that we need to be more thoughtful in what we do, can be in love or in business.

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