- If in our day life we have a business, and we dream that being there we feel BAD VIBES, it means that someone has ill will to our business. That advises us to keep it well cleaned and not stop being optimistic.

- If in our dream we see the business of someone we know and we notice that there is an EMPTY OR UNOCCUPIED SPACE in that business (For example, that there is an unoccupied space between all the shelves), it means that it is very likely that person known to have a job for us in your business or in one of its branches.

- To dream that we have a store or business in GOOD CONDITIONS, augurs us good luck in the economic.

- But if we dream that our business is GROWING, it means the opposite and tells us that if we do not start to work harder and improve the service, we will risk losing it.

- Dream that our company or business IS GOING FROM BAD TO WORSE, it means the opposite, that is, it is growing. But if we dream that it is growing then, it means that it is going badly, so we will have to make an extra effort to avoid losing it.

- If in our dream we see two LEOPARDS fighting in front of our business, and even more so if we see our business closed, it is a council that tells us that when we have a business, we must avoid fighting with our neighbors, since that is one of the reasons why a business can go bankrupt.

- If in our dream we see the NAME OF OUR BUSINESS or company, the dream has to do precisely with it and is related to the meaning of the other things that we see in the dream.

- If in the dream we see something about our business, and a moment later it BECOMES SHARES (the documents that endorse a part of the company), it means that this business has potential, so we should invest in it, for example: do repairs, dedicate more time, buy things for the business, etc.

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