This sign in most cases is related to our family relationships and in some cases with a new project.

- BREAKING A BULB, means financial losses.

- FIND a bulb, means joy in the family, but if we find a focus melted or broken, it means the opposite.

- FIND A USED BULB, but still serves, means joy in the family but with some financial difficulties.

- If we HARM WITH ELECTRICITY, while trying to change a light bulb, means there may be a danger and is related to our family relationships.

- If the focus IS OFF, represents emotional misunderstanding.

- If in the dream we see a bulb that LIGHTS VERY LITTLE AND THEN IT TURNS OFF, represents something that is not working well and can be in our life, school, work, business, and so on. What advises us to fix or change what does not work.

- Dreaming of a bulb of LOW POWER (FEW WATTS), indicating that our family relationships are fragile.

- If in the dream just see a LIGHT BULB OF MORE WATTAS THAN NORMAL (more power), means that our family relationships are strong, ie, that our family is united by strong ties.

- If it is ON, it presages family joy.

- PLACE A BULB, said starting a new project.

- To dream that you TURN ON THE LIGHT, means we will soon acquire important knowledge or to discover something was hidden. But if we turn off, then it means trouble.

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