The buildings in dreams represent our projects.

- A building or a place CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, represents something or someone that is not available.

- If we see a very tall building, but we realize that the COLUMNS HOLDING THAT are very thin, tells us that our projects are great, but something is not quite right, so it is not certain that we get to see realized, at least to correct what is wrong. But if its columns are large and strong, then they tell us we're doing well and we will see our projects made.

- If we see a building FALLS, is because you have to plan everything again because something may be wrong.

- If we GO DOWN a building using the stairs, means danger that our projects are not carried out, which advises us to analyze the situation and try harder.

- If we live in a city and in our dream we see a building we know and we know that is one of the five HIGHEST OF OUR CITY represent the cosmic pillar means success or simply that all is well in our projects.

- If in our dream we see a building on the shore of a LAKE, but also noticed that the lake water is damaging the building columns (the moisture), it means that our uncontrolled emotions are ruining our love issues.

- If in our dream we see a building with LION STATUES at the entrance, tells us that our plans or objectives are well protected.

- If we are ON TOP OF A BUILDING, means that we will achieve our goals.

- If we see a building in POOR CONDITION, it means that we need to strive so that everything goes well.

- If in our dream we simply see a very TALL building, tells us that our projects are big and we'll see made.

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