- If we see a broom BECOMES A CANE, means marriage problems.

- Dreaming one WITHOUT BRISTLES broom means we have a project or an issue that is a little difficult to resolve or perform.

- To dream that we FLY ON A BROOM as do tales of witches, means that we want to reach a higher spiritual level, because we have not achieved our desires.

- If we are SWEEP WITH A BROKEN BROOM, tells us we have a problem we have not solved. But if the dream we see someone we know with a broken broom sweep, then it means that that person has a problem that has not solved.

- If we sweep in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET it means shyness.

- To dream about sweep in the NIGHT it means we attract bad luck. It can also be a warning that tells us not to do that we are planning, since something can go wrong.

- Dreaming we found a RAT IN THE KITCHEN AND TRY TO KILL IT with a broom, means that we are trying to finish with a subject that gnaws us inside and not allowing us to move forward.

- SWEEP means that soon we will see our problems resolved according to our wishes.

- Sweep into a TEMPLE, promises good luck and good fortune.

- See sweep SOMEONE WE KNOW IN A TEMPLE, predicts that this person will have good luck and good fortune.

- If in our dream we see a TOY-BROOM tells us to front to problems with more confidence and determination.

- To dream that someone is sweeping, and in doing so throws us TRASH or dust, represents a person that has us ill will, and if someone we know, tells us that it is this person who has us ill will.

- If in our dream we are SWEEPING THE TRASH OUT OF OUR HOUSE, represents the ability to deliver a difficulty.


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