It represents a sedentary lifestyle and town.

- It can mean the desire to integrate, to settle and go unnoticed.

- It may also reflect our appreciation for the construction, or desires to build our own house.

- To dream ADOBE partitions means money earned honestly, it can also symbolize something we have achieved honestly.

- If in our dream we see money BILLS with the shape of a brick, it means that sometimes we get depressed or think that we will not build us a better life, but if you think about it, we realize that we actually have the necessary resources and is only matter of being more positive.

- If in dreams, WE SEE US INSIDE the bricks or walls, it means that we are protected against any hazards.

- To see MANY NEW BRICKS that will be used to build something, it means that we are able to build us a better life.

- If we see bricks are part of the RUINS OF A BUILDING, it means: fear and despair.

- If we SUPPORT ON BRICKS AND PLUMMET to rely on them, it means we have little confidence in our protections.

- If we see ourselves TUMBLING OR JUMPING bricks, it means that we want to change the things that are difficult for us to a better situation for us.

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