- If we have a nightmare and AWAKENING WE CANīT BREATHE WELL, it is because a spirit of the underworld is disturbing us. In this case, the ideal is to pray before bed.

- If we do it WITH DIFFICULTY, it means that we are going through painful moments of uncertainty and anguish.

- If we dream that an aggressive-looking DOG breathes us in the neck, it means we have an enemy that is trying to corner us. It can also mean that we have a friend who is thinking of betraying us.

- Breathing WITH EASE, indicates that we have particularly positive conditions for the evolution of our affairs.

- If in the dream WE LISTEN/FEEL the breath of someone we know, it means that that person is trying to corner us in some way, so we must be careful.

- To dream that we can breathe UNDER WATER, it means that we would like to, not to have to make important decisions or have responsibilities.


- Losing your breath indicates troubles. can also mean that we are going through times of moral fatigue, or exhaustion of the difficulties, which tells us that we must not lose hope and it is important to continue to strive to achieve our goals.
- Catch your breath indicates that safety in our decisions.
- Having bad breath (Sting breath) indicates jealousy.
- Having good breath indicates confidence.
- If we dream that a demon or a shadow, takes the form of an animal, and tries to suck the breath, this is, tries to absorb our vital energy (Morph demon that can take any shape to try to confuse and then suck breath) means that there is an evil spirit that is bothering us in dreams and trying to feed on our fears, in this case, the first thing to consider is that, for example: If the shadow convert in a dog or a cat, does not mean that dogs and cats are bad, only that it take this way to try to confuse us, since in fact one of the best protections against such psychic disturbance is a picture of our pets or goddess Bastet, the goddess who is depicted as a woman with a cat's head (who is actually in charge of archangel scare away evil beings).
And it is noteworthy that the dreams of morphs, occur when there is an excess of bad feelings all around.

- If we dream that we finally have a breather, it means that we have got rid of a difficulty, but at the same time it advises us to be more careful next time.

Rescue breathing:
- If we dream that we give rescue breathing, to someone and we manage to save him, it means that we are well prepared to save the situation.

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