Breasts are a sign of devotion to motherhood and children, so it is associated with the side of good, the offering, privacy and protection, provided that in sleep we felt that kind of feeling.
In terms of appearance, through history, large breasts look good, have always represented strength, fertility, attractiveness, safety and power, and while a very small breasts and unsightly represent otherwise.

If the dream has a male-child, means safety and protection.
If the dream has a female-child, is also security and protection.
If the dream has a man, it means intimacy and love.
If the dream has a woman means you may be pregnant.
If in the dream we feel sadness, longing for the past means.

- If a WOMAN SEES ANOTHER WOMAN SHOWING BREASTS naked, it represents her desire to free herself from her responsibilities, but if the woman she sees in her dream does so for the purpose of being seen by men, then it means that the dreamer has done something inappropriate.

- Dream WE ARE CHILDREN AND SUCK THE BREASTS OF A FEMALE-TEACHER, it means, we still immature plus we felt unprotected. In this case, the dream suggests we face problems with courage and determination, even seek the help of our Guardian Angels.

- If a WOMAN DREAMS THAT YOUR BREASTS IS BIGGER, how has in reality, it means that she feel sexy and confident in herself, which is good.

- If a man dreams of his girlfriend and notices that her breasts are larger than they are in reality, but he notices that they look DROPPED, it means that he does not like it at all (that he likes something about her but at the same time there is something that makes him uncomfortable or bothersome about her).

- If a MAN DREAMS THAT HIS GIRLFRIEND HAS BREASTS BIGGER how has in reality (waking life), it means that he likes she and is happy with she.

- If a MAN DREAMS THAT HE IS A CHILD AND SUCKS THE BREASTS OF A WOMAN, at the same time That I feel in love to her, means, children's need for protection and love, which is met through a woman , as can be by his girlfriend.

- If a woman dreams that she feels BREAST PAIN, that represents the danger of losing her boyfriend/partner. What advises her, take better care of her relationship, or treat her love better.

- If a man dreams of a woman he knows and sees her with bare breasts and with SCARS, it means that, that person, or someone who has something in common with her, wants to be intimate with him (have sex), but he must be careful , since there is something immoral in the matter, for example: That she is married.

- The women we see in our dreams with SMALL BREASTS represent women unattractive, or that we do not seem attractive enough. And sometimes refers to weak and uncharismatic women.

- If a man dreams that his girlfriend has SPOTTED BREAST SKIN, it means that she loves him but has a certain fear of sexual intercourse and its consequences, or of staining her reputation.

- If a woman dreams that she is in your bedroom (or in the bedroom of one of his brothers) and having huge breasts while THINK THAT with those breasts, she might like to any man, though to see the bedroom realizes that is empty, it means that someone who apparently likes her, or she thinks she can get to like he for being someone attractive, but actually it is not, or just sleep he tells her that does not suit you relate to that person because it can be a trap.

- If a MAN DREAMS THAT A WOMAN UNBUTS HER BLOUSE and shows her breasts, it means intimacy and love, and if it is about a known woman or looks like an acquaintance, the dream is related to her.

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