To dream of a sentimental breakup, means that we must avoid situations that can lead us to a breakup with our girlfriend or girlfriend.

- If we dream that our girlfriend/girlfriend FINISHES US AND COMES BACK TO HIS/HER EX, it means that he/she still loves his/her ex a little, in addition to being dissatisfied with something about our character or the way we act. How we behave lately. This dream advises us to avoid situations that can lead us to a breakup.

- If we dream that the PERSON WE LIKE tells us that he/she broke up with his/her ex for a certain reason, we should pay attention to what he/she tells us about his/her ex, since he/she thinks that the same thing could happen to us. So we must find a way to inspire greater confidence.

- If we dream that our girlfriend (or boyfriend if it is a woman's dream), FINISHES US AND TELLS US RUDE, it means that something is not going well in our relationship even though we have not yet realized it. This dream advises us to analyze the situation well and/or avoid situations that could lead us to arguments with her.

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