The boxes in our dreams usually mean good fortune, at least that is filled with something that has a bad meaning or that we see that is empty.

- If you see a box full of BILLS (paper money), means approaching money difficulties.

- If in the dream we see a SHEET METAL BOX FULL OF BILLS, money means difficulties because of our inflexibility. This dream advises us to be a little more flexible.

- If you see a box full of BILLS BUT SOMEONE TAKES IT AWAY, it means that we got rid of money difficulties.

- If we see BILLS AND COINS in a box, it means that to avoid money problems in the future, we must be firm in our decisions, even though they might think that we are being bad or too severe.

- If we dream of a BLACK BOX, it means that something is not right.

- A box full of BOOKS means we will have good luck in our projects.

- If is a pencil COLORS BOX, means surprise.

- Dream a box of COOKIES, is a bad sign that augurs money difficulties, mainly because of bad feelings all around. This dream we suggest getting an amulet, such as a keychain in the shape of a sword, or put two swords in an "X" in our living room or bedroom, which will help us to fight evil and out of money difficulties.

- If it is EMPTY, it means poverty.

- If is a box of: Gold, silver, mahogany, walnut, or other FINE MATERIAL, and is adorned with precious stones, means good fortune in money.

- If we see a FULL BOX, means prosperity and good fortune, unless it is full of something that has a bad meaning.

- If in our dream we see a pack of GUM that is empty, it means that we are not being dishonest, that is, we are doing well.

- If we just see a box that has PICTURES ON IT, then we must search for the meaning of these images, for example, if we see the image of a lollipop, then we must search for the meaning of "Lollipop".

- If is a STONE BOX AND IS FULL, means good fortune and tells us that we will have special protection.

- If in our dream we see the box of a VIDEO GAME, but it is empty, it means that we are losing the ability to control the situation. BUT IF IT CONTAINS THE VIDEO GAME IN, then, means that we have the situation under control.

- If in our dream we see a VIDEO GAME BOX EMPTY, yet, we see that in the box says that the video game was on offer means that we are missing an opportunity.

- If it is a common-WOOD box, predicts an upcoming trip.


- If in our dream we see a pack of cigarettes, it means you need to zone out, or vacation.
- To dream about a golden color cigarettes pack, and see one side of it: Coins, means that with a little Divine help, our problems will end soon and we also advised that after they finish the problems, we take a vacation .

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