- If someone accuses us for something, augurs happiness.

- If the accused is another person, augurs concerns of all kinds.

-If we dream that someone accuse us of something we did not, it means that something does not understand, for example: Do not understand why someone angry with us.

-If you dream that someone accuses us of something we did not, then we scold, means we have a difficulty, that is related to our emotional relationships or friendship, and it is because of something we have not well understood, for example, a family member or friend has displeased with understand us and not good reason, and in this case is likely to be because the other person is being too selfish in any way this dream too advises us not to get angry and try to fix the things.

-If we dream, that we are judging, because of a lawsuit (In a judicial process), regardless of the outcome of the trial, it means that we have a hazardous situation.

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