To dream of an abortion means that there is an affair/business that will not go well. In other cases, it refers to something that we have not yet started, and makes us see our difficulty in starting something new, due to our lack of decision or courage.

- If a woman dreams that she is pregnant and that she wants to have an abortion, but CANNOT FIND A CLINIC FOR IT, it means that there is an issue/business with which she wants to end, but has not been able to find a way to do it, for example: End with her boyfriend, end a business, a partnership, and so on.

- To dream of the abortion of an EMBRYO, means that one of our new projects is in danger of ending badly.

- If a woman dreams that her boyfriend (in real life her EX), gives her a pill because she felt bad, and a moment later she aborts (because her boyfriend gave her an abortion pill by mistake), which makes her cry , means that due to a misunderstanding, their courtship ended, and that is causing him a lot of pain.

-If a woman dreams that she is pregnant by her EX, and that she takes an abortion pill, but a moment later she regrets it, it means that she is very sorry that she broke up with her ex-boyfriend.

- If in the dream we see ourselves PARTICIPATING IN AN ABORTION, it means that we will get sick soon.

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