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This sign in most cases are associated with sex and partners. In some cases, warns of a disease such as when the room is gloomy.

- If is A VERY BIG bed indicates obsession with sexual issues.

- View a BROKEN bed, divorce or widowhood.

- Watch CANDLES AND OR INCENSE under our bed, we said that we will have good luck in matters of love, but as long as we strive to do so.

- If the bed is CLEAN, well groomed and this indicates that we along with our partner.

- If you dream of a COT, means little sexual interest in the subject.


- View a bed DIRTY AND UNTIDY, it means disagreement and dissent.

- If the bed is EMPTY, the danger of someone close.

- If in our dream we see MUD beside the bed means illness, and if it smells bad mud, indicates a probable infection.

- A bed VERY ORNATE, refined love.

- View on the bed for PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW in our bed, risk of fights.

- A SMALL BED, means lack of interest in sexual matters.

- If in our dream we see a STRANGE MAN BURNED ON THE BED means that soon we will overcome our rival, and is related to the couple.


Emotional joys means unless it is soiled and torn, because then it means sadness and loneliness.

- If it's good quality, clean shows familiar comfort.
- If you are torn and dirty, means different setbacks.

This dream tells us we should not be lazy or passive.

- If they are too small, lack of interest in sexual matters.
- See a good clean sheets and indicates that we are well arranged with our partner. But if they are dirty and untidy, it portends: disagreements and discussions.
- If broken, presaging a likely divorce or widowhood.
- A highly decorated sheets, refined love.
- If they are different from ours, presage, new loves.
- If the sheets are funeral, very dark, in poor condition or are on a bed in a dark room, warns of possible disease who are lying to them.
- If the bed is empty, the danger of someone close.
- A huge sheets indicates obsession with sexual issues.
- Seeing people do not know sleeping with our sheets, risk of fights.