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Queen Mab.

QUEEN MAB.- Some descendants of the prophet Om travel through the world, giving rise to great civilizations like the Toltec, Arabic, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, to name a few. In ancient Ireland, they lived several kingdoms, including the Celtic-Elv, which was founded by Queen Mab (Pronounced Meib). At first The Elv were a nomadic people, led by King Kerk, who was loved and admired by all Elv, however during a battle was seriously wounded and left this world in a few days. The fact is that to leave this world the king Kerk, the Elves needed a new leader and the throne should be occupied by the first son (Male son), but it happens that the first son was Prince Claud, who was still very small, so until he was at least 15 years, the kingdom was to be directed by someone else, so that the position was occupied by the then Princess Mab, who at first was not very well accepted because it was a woman, but as she proved to be brilliant with bow and be a great leader, added to her royal lineage, is as Elv eventually accept her as queen and absolute leader. Mab took good care of Elv, and protects them from the savages, she used to command the army of the Elv, riding a beautiful white horse carrying a helmet with a horn in front, it was covered with gold (The history of unicorns hence arose), Mab accumulated many victories as it was brave and a great leader. It was in those days that began to hear from Ulster who commanded a huge army that whipped the region, Mab thought he would win easily but then, Fedelma who was her trusted counselor, had a dream in which angels was warned her that Ulster was very strong and difficult to overcome, so that Mab, asked her subjects to go with the great smith Vulcan to fabricate them strong and powerful weapons, it was like a few days later when Ulster tried to attack the Elves, was defeated by Queen Mab, and thereafter the Elv settled permanently in Ireland, was then able to live in peace and harmony above all because even though sometimes the weather was difficult, Queen Mab, did not hesitate to help their neighbors; and so God blessed Ireland, with abundant crops.
So who did good things for others, like today, they became angels and archangels, was when Queen Mab became an archangel, and was described as a small good fairy, who is always willing to help those in need.

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