Cosmic Directions.
The great loves.

Souls are born in Heaven and sometimes come to this astral plane several times. So there are times when in a lifetime we meet someone special with whom we have a great love, so much so that we meet that person in a later life, like when we just met someone and from the first moment in that we see that person we are in love with her, an unequivocal sign that the We knew of a previous life, although there are cases in which that person is somewhat older or

younger than us, but still we feel great love and it is for the same reason. There are other cases in which we dream of someone and it happens that we know that person time after the dream, which is when dreams let us know that someone special from another life is coming to us in the future. As for the names also link us with previous lives, since our current name usually contains at least one syllable of the name we had in a previous life, so that in a dream the name of a person can give us information of someone special that we could meet soon.