Cosmic Directions.
The legend of the zombies.

The zombies are a legend that comes from the country of Haiti, where it is said that voodoo sorcerers revived dead people to turn them into slaves, but if the zombie for some reason came to eat salt or something with salt, he immediately recovered his memory and killed the voodoo sorcerer that turned him into a zombie. Some researchers became interested in the case and discovered that certain voodoo practitioners gave a drug

derived from the puffer fish to some people to make it look as if they had died, who were then dug up to enslave them through a combination of drugs and witchcraft rites. Today, many people in Haiti make sure that the bodies are not unearthed, especially if they are corpses of people who died young. In the cinema, the legend of the zombies was modified to make it more interesting and it has become a cinematographic genre. Although the filmmakers, rather than talking about witchcraft, talk about a plague with a certain resemblance to the rage that spreads quickly, inspired in part by the original zombies and the fear that someone spreads a virus to end the overpopulation that grows in an alarming way.