Cosmic Directions.
The legend of the Black Charro.

The legend tells of a character who sold his soul to the devil, but in the end the devil tells him that if he manages to get someone to accept certain gold coins, so that through deceit, the Black Charro manages to convince that person to sell his soul to the devil, then, that person could take his place and the black Charro would be released. But in reality, although there are demons, there is no devil, that is, there is no chief of all the evil that tortures the souls of sinners for all eternity, because that was an invention of the inquisition.

The true story of the Black charro happened at the time of the Mexican revolution, he was a revolutionary, but he was not a good person, because he took advantage of the times of rape to many attractive women, until one day some people set him up , they captured him and tortured him for days until he could not resist so much punishment and died, which when generating so much negative energy, added to the fact that he was still young, caused him to transform into a ghost causing some paranormal phenomena, as he came to appear , especially to the young girls, but the fear generated among the population of that place, that ended up turning it into a myth and an evil spirit that feeds on the fear of people, even today, in some villages, the Black Charro comes to appear under certain circumstances to people who believe in his legend and who by their uncontrolled fears end up invoking him unconsciously.