Dream about wedding.

Generally when we dream that someone invites us to a wedding, it means that a family member or friend that we have not seen in a long time, has just died. But when we remember an important detail, the meaning can vary considerably, for example: If we are at a wedding to which we were not invited, then,

It means that there was a danger that a relative/friend would die, but in the end nothing happened, it can be said that some stranger took his place, the same if in the end the bride does not marry. Another case in which a detail can change the whole meaning, is if a woman dreams that she was invited to a wedding and sees many loose panthers, so that, as the panthers represent rivals, it makes the meaning change completely; In this case he talks about how soon he could meet a Crush (A boy with whom she could have good possibilities), but she will have to deal with several rivals.