People who have left this world.

When we dream of someone who has already left this world, in the case of family and friends, even relatives of our friends; There are two cases. The first, when the dream has a negative context, especially if in it, there is a cave, darkness, disability, etc .; that is, when our family member/friend is asking us for help, in the sense that we pray for him, so that he is allowed to enter Heaven, since prayers are very important in those circumstances. The other case is when the dream has a positive context, especially when we climb a ladder, a mountain, a tree, we see that person on the beach, dressed in blue and white, and other things that relate to the sky; case in which that person, only wants to tell us that he has already reached Heaven, so we should not worry. The same thing means that in the dream we see that person but also, we notice that the dream is clearly a piece of advice or a message but not a request for help, since in those cases, the dream implies that if you can give advice, it is because it is already in Heaven. There was even a case in which through the dream someone told his family member, where his testament was. Other times they tell us about the future, which we see happening some time later, unequivocal proof that it is they who speak to us through the dream.