Nightmares with animals.

When a certain animal appears in our nightmares and causes us much fear or disgust, it is because something is very wrong, and it is related to the meaning of the animal in question. For example, if in the dream we open the drawer of a

desk and see many turtles, almost as if it were a plague, but also cause disgust or fear, it means that the slowness in our affairs can cause us a disaster (Since the turtles in the negative aspect, represent the slowness), so that the dream wants to tell us that we should look for the way to do things quickly and well done, since time is running out Another example is if we have a nightmare with rabbits, whether they bite us or cause us fear, cases in which it means that we must be very careful with sexual relations, since we could catch a venereal disease or there could be an unplanned pregnancy (Because the rabbits are related, among other things, to procreation).