Nightmares with diseases.

This sign generally means that we should take more care of our health. It can also be a comparison, in the sense that there is something that makes us sick, that is, that bothers us too much, such as when we dream of a former girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, sick, in which case the dream tells us that she(he) is still very angry with us.

But the meaning may vary in some cases, as it is with some very specific diseases, for example: For example, if we dream that a boyfriend has AIDS, it means that he has something very bad, as it could be in the sense that she(he) is usually very unfaithful. On the other hand, if we dream that we have Alzheimer's, it means that we should not forget to be prudent and responsible. In this way we can observe that it is always very important to pay attention to the details of dreams, at least to those that we remember clearly.