Computer hackers.

Hackers often provoke us anxiety because of the fear that they take over our personal data and use it for something bad, such as theft, fraud, etc., which is why they often appear in many nightmares. The fact is that if we dream that someone hacks our location, it means that there is someone who is aware of everything we do, since it is the symbolic way of saying that someone is watching us, either directly or through an informant. Another case is if we dream that someone hacks the camera of our cell phone or computer, which means that there may be a danger, so we must keep important information secret (Such as our plans or even our full name since sometimes it can be used both for rituals and for frauds). As for fear of hackers, it would only be in the case of prophetic dreams that show us scenes of the future, but generally they are dreams that give many details, that we can recognize at the moment they begin to be fulfilled, and in some way always We remember at the precise moment.