Love and gifts.

This February 14 is celebrated the day of love and friendship in several countries, so it is a good day to attract good luck in that aspect (In other countries the same is applicable on the day dedicated to love). The point is that if we have a love that day, the same as the day of his birthday and special dates, we can give him something that he can keep for a long time,

that is useful to her(him) and she(he) likes it enough, so that whenever he sees it he remembers us. Another interesting thing is that when someone gives us something and does it with love, it usually lasts a long time and does not break easily unlike when someone gives us something reluctantly, since in those cases it is common to break, it is uncomfortable or be damaged shortly. As for food, when it is given to us by a good and reliable person, there is no problem, but if it is not completely reliable you have to be careful, since there are people who usually add all kinds of substances in it, from yumbina, toloache , pheromones, drugs, even bujerķa and regardless of whether it works or not, can cause us a stomach ache.