Here we see an image of the Coyolnahual that is ideal to bring as a picture, just add the reverse side of the image, the Coyote prayer. (Oh coyolnahual / Oh feathered coyote; / From where emerge the Cosmic Soul / come help me please; / I ask you to grant me luck in love / and get rid of those enemies I have; / That I promise you love / and make your fast.)

The amulets and talismans, related to the coyote are among the strongest and most effective that exist. The most common is the fang of the coyote, the stone of the coyote (which are small brown spheres, which are actually small tumors that usually sprout from the coyotes), there are also talismans made with the skin of the coyote, figures of coyotes and stamps. Although, as it is not common for coyote hatcheries, the ideal is to get a coyote print or figure, in order not to damage the fauna. This type of amulets and talismans are ideal for love and as protection. In love, the ideal is to combine them with an Egyptian cat amulet. The other possibility is to get a pet related to the coyote, which can be ideal as a psychic protection, and the closest relative is Chihuahua dogs.