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Dreams: Pi-Pl

Pi (π):
- If in the dream we see a clock and we notice that where one of the numbers must be, it has the sign (π), it means that we have little time to do something important (For example: A math exam) and advises us to ask for help someone we know who knows a lot about that.

- Listening to the music of a piano means happiness and good luck.
- If in the dream we see a grand piano, with the image of the sign of Quetzalcoatl engraved on it, it means that we have found the right path, the one that will bring us prosperity and good luck.

- To dream about gherkins, means that we should improve things with our relatives.

Pickup (Truck):
- IF WE CARRY CARGO in the pick up, it means interesting financial promises.
- If we see OTHER PEOPLE THROWING OUR LOAD, it means worries and sorrows.

- A strawberry pie, augure good luck in love.
- A cheese pie means good luck in the economic.

To dream that someone assaults us with a knife and cuts us to pieces, means that there is someone who hates us too much and wants revenge on us.

But if we dream we are in school and we checked to ensure that we do not have any tattoos or piercings, it means that to be successful we will need more preparation, but also will require that we get rid of something harmful to us, that not letting us improves.

It warns us about hypocritical relationships.

This dream tells us we have impure desires, unless it is a female animal, in this case means fertility.
- Dreaming about a dirty pig attacks us, represents a dishonest person who is causing us problems.
- If we dream that someone of the opposite sex says: Are you a donkey or a pig ?, speaks of love affairs and tells us not to behave in a lustful but not as fools, that is, tells us find a middle ground (In this case the pig represents lust).

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Seeing us in our dreams wearing pajamas means joy in the family and in emotional intimacy.
- But if we dream that we wear pajamas in our work, it means that at work it is important to act appropriately, courteously and kindly, even when others are rude or unkind.

This dream advises us to take precautions in the administration of our interests or otherwise someone will take advantage of us.

This is a sign of support.
- If we see a pilaster fall, the dream augurs us difficulties.
- If we see two pilasters, it means that in our couple there is support.
- If we see two pilasters fall, it means difficulties in our family, and if we see many columns fall, it means difficulties in the community.
- If we see a large and good-looking pilaster, the dream tells us that we will have security and stability

Pilates (Exercise):
- If we dream that we do pilates or exercise, it means that we can have a long life, as long as we exercise and lead a healthy life.
- If we see ourselves in a gym, it means: That if we exercise we will have a longer life and with fewer worries.

This sign represents our passage through this world, those who accompany us may be those who are close to us, it usually means that everything is fine, but if we walk in circles, it means that we need a little Divine help.

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This dream tells us that we are responsible and we assume it using the best means for it.

The pills, which are used as medicine, are associated with an aid to our health or our souls.
- If the tablets are for someone else, is because that someone is in need of our help.
- If someone we know asks us to give you an aspirin, that means that she(he) needs a comfort to us. But if, for example, a woman who does not know, she asks for an aspirin, it means a female person needs the comfort of us, since in that case the dream is giving us a clue who it is.
- If we dream older pills, represents something that no longer works and advises us not to try, for example: a ex girlfriend who wants to return with us, a former partner who wants to return, an alliance that gave no results, something that just did not work, and so on.
- If we dream aspirin or tablets and see that it expired, means the same as above.

- If we dream that we fly a combat aircraft, it means that we are well prepared for the battle (Legal, a competition, etc.) and to reach a higher level.
- To dream that we pilot a helicopter means that we are achieving a higher spiritual level or a higher degree of consciousness.

This dream tells us that we will be used and exploited without being able to realize it. It can also mean that we are not being treated honestly.
- If we dream that someone tries to prostitute us by force, it means that there is someone who is trying to convince us to do something inconvenient, so we need to be firmer in the sense of strictly refusing, that is, it means that we lack decision and strength of character to say no.

It tells us that we will be used and exploited without our realizing it. It may also mean that we are not being treated honestly.

- If we dream that we begin to leave many bumps on the NOSE, it tells us that we should not be dishonest.
- If we dream that leaves us a pimple on the part that is BETWEEN THE NOSE AND MOUTH, especially if is black, tells us that we should not say rude things or they can hurt others.

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- SEE PINS in our dream announces family discord, or financial loss.
- If in our dream we see with a pin stuck in the HEART, it means somebody is that we have problems with our partner or love.
- If in our dream we nailed with a pin in the STOMACH, tells us that someone tries to cause gossip or problems through misunderstandings.
- If in our dream we nailed with a pin in the HAND OR ARM, means there is someone trying to sabotage us means there is someone trying to sabotage us that we fail to do anything, and if we are also dressed in red clothes, tells us that someone tries to sabotage us do anything we arrive in a matter that relates to love or a battle (Competition, legal battle...)
- If in our dream we see with a pin stuck in the FOOT, tells us that someone tries to keep us under their will, or want you fence to prison, depending on our current situation, or the meaning of the other things we see in dream.

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by letter.

PIN (Personal Identification Key)
If we dream that we change the pin number of our cell phone, it means that we fear the impossibility of a relationship or that someone sabotages or interferes in our relationship with someone.

To dream of the game of pinball, it means that everything depends on our ability to do things.

- It means that we will suffer some small wounds in self-love, without major gravity.
- To dream that someone pinches our nipples, and it hurts, means that we will suffer some wounds in our pride, but they will be of little importance and relate to love.

Pine tree:
- If we see BIRDES NESTING in it, it means success and fortune.
- The PINE CONE symbolizes exaltation and success.
- CLIMBING a pine means that we will be successful in our projects; if we FALL from: The opposite; if we see it CUT, it warns us of possible dangers in our projects; if it is DETERIORATED is that we should pay more attention to what we do, if it is leafy it is that everything is going well.
- If we see a DOWNED pine, it means that something is wrong with our projects.
- If in our dream we see ourselves at the top of a MOUNTAIN and there we see a tree, it means that our projects are good and we will see them realized.
- If we see black or NOCTURNAL BIRDS in it, it means that someone wants to harm us.

Pineapple represents good luck in love or the possibility of entering into a long-term relationship.
- If we dream that we take PINEAPPLE JUICE and its taste is very acid, it represents probable anguish, for example: Because someone cheats us or because we can´t obtain what we expected, which advises us to be prudent, to avoid that situation.

- To dream of a apinny means work and protection in our work.
- If we see it dirty, announces discussions and difficulties at work.

- If we dream that we fight with pinocho or with someone who has a long nose like pinocho when he told lies, and we hold him by the nose, it means that it is important to defend our interests and make others see someone's lies; as for example, the lies of one of our enemies.

- If a child dreams of breaking a birthday piñata, it means that he will soon receive many gifts.

- If we are smoking a pipe reveals a peaceful life full of wellness.
- If the pipe breaks this well will be marred by problems with friendships and breaks.

Piracy (Make illegal copies):
If in the dream we are making illegal copies, it means that we must respect social norms more.

To dream about a piranha represent a tax collector or a usurer, depending on our current situation.

Seeing a pirate in our dream means that we should be wary of those who insist on being our friends.
- If in the dream we see ourselves as pirates, it means that we have security in ourselves, and therefore we will succeed.
- If in our dream we see a monster with a pirate hat and it terrifies us, it means that we must put aside our guilt complexes and make sure everything goes the way it should, and distrust those who insist on being our friends.

If we do the pirouette well, it means that we will overcome a difficult situation or that we will overcome a difficult test. But if we can not do it well, then it means failure or loss of money.

- If we dream of a flower and we can clearly see its pistils, especially if the flower is pink or red, it means luck in love.

Here we see a pink flower, in which we can clearly see its pistils.

Pistol, Handgun:
- This sign indicates that a plot against us is brewing.

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- If the engine works well, it predicts success and good fortune.
- An engine that stops, means delays in our affairs or projects.
- If it works badly, it breaks, it is missing, it hurts, it means difficulties and failure.
- If we have an accident with an engine, it means problems and failure.

Pitaya, Pitahaya, Dragon fruit:
A pitaya represents sensuality and pleasure.
But if we dream that in trying to remove the skin of a pitaya (Of those with thorns), we prick ourselves with one of its thorns, it means that we have possibilities of having sensuality and pleasure, but we must be careful, since something could go wrong

A dog of the pit bull race in the positive sense represents courage and protection; in the negative sense, it represents the possibility of ending a love or a friendship.
- If in our dream we see a pit bull and feel FEAR, because we think that it can attack us, but it happens that it does not do anything to us, it means that we are afraid that a commitment, courtship, society, or alliance will break, this dream He advises us to analyze things well, since the most probable thing is that there is no danger.
- To dream that a dog of the Pitbull breed TRIES TO BIT us, means that a commitment is in danger, or that we can not get to see fulfilled our desires to marry who we love.
- If it BITES US, it means the same as the previous one, only that the danger is even greater.
- If we dream that a pitbull BITES US BUT the strangest thing is that we did not bleed and then tie it down, it means that there was the danger of not getting to fulfill our desires to marry who we love but we have managed to control the problem without having arrived to cause serious damage.
- If in our dream we see a pit bull does NOT ATTACK us, besides that in the dream we do not see things that have a negative meaning, it means that we are well protected, or that we have the courage to face the situation.
- If we dream of a pitbull PUPPY, it represents a possibility to get married, or to have a good friend, but at the same time, the dream tells us that there may be a difficulty in the future.

If we dream this feeling toward someone, it represents the good affection and friendship that others feel for us.

Pizza, Pizza shop:
Represents abundance and options.
- Eat a meatball pizza with very good flavor, it means promising events, in addition to abundance of options.

- Dreaming about a pizza deliver our pizza promises even before thirty minutes, for example, before 25 minutes, we said that we will have plenty and good choices, but we must learn to be patient.


It means that there is important and privileged information that is related to what the plancard says.

- Sometimes dreams are like puzzles and a particular street or a certain place can relate to something that happened or happened to us there, and that we must keep in mind, so that it does not repeat itself, or as an experience, depending on the case.
Another case is when we see in the place something that does not correspond to how we know it in reality, for example something that is not there, in which case the dream tells us to take into account that which is not there, because some of it is relates to the message of the dream; the case is to think of all the possibilities to be able to arm the meaning of the dream.
- To dream that we see things from two places at the same time; Means that we have two points of view on something, so we are not sure which way or decision to take. Which advises us to analyze the situation better, although sometimes the dream is accompanied by other signs whose syndicate shows us what is best for us to do.

- If in real life there are bad intentions towards us, and dream of a cockroach plague, mean gossip, and suspicion.
- If in our dream we caught cockroaches or killing them, it means that we shall defeat our adversaries.

This sign represents happiness, and good fortune without limits.
- This dream augura us that we will achieve a better situation besides happiness and good fortune in general.

- To dream that we are planning to do something, and we do not see anything that has a bad meaning, means that we are calm and sure of our future plans, which is good.
But if in our dream we plan something and see things that have a bad meaning, or we feel worry; It means that we are worried about our future plans and that there is something that is not right, or we could be taking things too far, in any case it advises us to be prudent and think things through.
- If we dream that someone kidnaps us, but we have a plan to escape, it means that to escape of bad luck or a complicated situation we must think things very well to avoid a disaster.

- View a plane says we want to achieve a higher level, in this dream may be that the plane landing or taking off a certain place so that the search for the meaning of the place and see what else we can say that we need do, to achieve a higher level, for example, if we see the plane landing in front of a bookstore, dreams advises us to go to that bookstore to buy books related to what you want to know.

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Plane, astral:
- If during the dream, we realize that we are dreaming and tried to wake up, but feel that something pulls us or something that does not let us return to this astral plane; means that a pesky spirit was bothering us in our dream. If it not repeated, no problem, but if repeat constantly, we must place a psychic weapon inside the pillow as it can be a folding knife. (Although it is not a serious danger, the feeling can be disturbing).

- If you dream that there is life on another planet, the dream tells us that there other worlds and life on other planets. This dream also reminds us that we own our own destiny, that is, we are free to choose.

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- View plank in our dreams, it means that we will have good fortune in our projects, and if the wood plank is fine, says that good fortune will be even greater.
- Dreaming of a white candle unlit one on the plank, tells us that for were to have prosperity and good fortune in our projects, we do more, but if we see the candle burning, or lighting, it means soon achieve good fortune and prosperity in our projects.

It symbolizes the cycles of life and death.
- If a woman dreams that she planting BANANA SEEDS, means the possibility of a love or a friendship with someone of the opposite sex.
- To dream about we sow some seeds and then see BORN AND GROW PLANT, means abundance and prosperity.
- If we are planting a CAMP, augurs wealth and good fortune.
- Dreaming about planted STRAWBERRIES means good fortune thanks to a woman.

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The plants symbolize the material and biological evolution. Also the perpetual birth and the incessant flow of vital energy.
- If we see plants, green, BLOOM and full of life is that our sentimental life is or will be full and healthy.
- A SMALL plant (Baby plant) represents a project. But if we dream that someone gives us a little plant, then it means that we are lacking a long-term project, so we need one and plan things well.
- If in dreams we see WITHERED plants, it is to say that our feelings also wither for lack of true love.

Plant, carnivorous:
A carnivorous plant represents a person who is trying to ambush us or who wants to take advantage of us in some way.
- Seeing a yellow carnivorous plant, advises us to be more reflective about certain people, since otherwise we run the risk of someone trapping us or taking advantage of us in some way.

Plants with thorns:
It symbolizes our self-sacrifice, that is, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice ourselves for others to find harmony at home or at work.
But if a thorn sticks in, then it means difficulties.

Plasma screen:
If we dream that we see a plasma screen, it means shyness and distrust.
- If we remember what we were seeing in it, then we must look for the meaning of the things we see in it.
- If we dream that we are seeing a plasma screen off, it means that there is a danger of a mishap happening and if the screen is very large, the danger is greater, which advises us to be prudent, and even get an amulet as protection, but if it is also dirty, it means that added to the danger, there is an issue that is not going well.

The plastic represent the false.
- If our dream is focused on plastic or plastic things, means that we are not being honest with ourselves or with those around us.

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Plastic, wrapping:
The transparent plastic to wrap, is equivalent to an obstacle, for example if we see something wrapped with it, it means that we have an obstacle to reach that which means what is involved, unless we remove the plastic, because then it means that we will reach it.
But if we see something that has a bad meaning, wrapped in transparent plastic, it means that there is something that will prevent it from affecting us, that bad thing that the thing involved implies.
- To dream of a Lolly covered with plastic to wrap, means that there is an obstacle that is not allowing us to reach our goals, and most of the time it has to do with love.
- If we dream that we cover an old bread that has a cubic shape, with plastic to wrap, it means that we are putting obstacles to ourselves, which advises us to act decisively and defend our interests to avoid economic instability.
- But if it is bubble wrap, then it represents a protection, for example:
- If we see an oil stain on the floor of our house, but above it we see that there is bubble wrap covering it, it means that we are protected from witchcraft and envious people, that is, it tells us that they will not cause us harm.

- If we dream of plasticine of green or red color, it means that there is something that we should mold to our taste and convenience, for example: A business, a deal, et cetera.
But if we see a black plasticine means that we are abusing a certain situation.

- If in our dream we see a BABY DISH, full of urine, it means that our parents are trying to dominate us too much, as when we were younger.
- If we see a BROKEN DISH it means difficulties of money.
- If in our dream we see DIRTY PLATES, it means difficulties in our affairs or in our business.
- If we see a EMPTY PLATE, it means problems of money.
- If we see ourselves FILLING A PLATE, it means that we will begin to reach our objectives.
- If we dream that FOOD FALLS from our plate, it means that even if things seem safe and easy, we should not trust, because any carelessness could ruin everything.
- If we dream of a FULL DISH, it means good luck in the economic.
- To dream that we do NOT WASH WELL THE PLATES, it means that there is something that we have to correct or do well so that everything goes well in our affairs and businesses.
- If we dream that we WASH THE PLATES WELL, means that difficulties that may arise in the future, will disappear for good.

- If in our dream we see walking down the platform of a station and then tranship means successive changes in our life or the end of an era and the beginning of another.
- If we dream that we are in a station and there we see a platform that brings us to another station, where there is another shuttle to take us to the same fate, that is, going parallel, means we have the option to choose our destiny, but long as we are firm on that. (As if we knew that on a certain date we will seriously sick by drinking alcohol, then, to change the destination we stop taking such drinks, and we must be firm on it.)

Platinum, blonde:
- To dream of a blonde platinum girl augurs us success and new knowledge that can be very useful.
- To dream that a platinum blonde woman cuts hair strands, means that we must study more and defend our interests or otherwise we expect failure.

Platonic love:
To dream that you have a platonic love means that for good luck in love must try harder or put a little more effort.

- If a man dreams that his girlfriend asks him if the playboys (Casanovas) can predict the future, it means that she is insecure, fearing that he leave at any time, in the sense that she thinks that when that he knows someone more attractive will leave.

- If in our dream we are watching a football game or other sports and see one of the team players, which we support, drawn and bloodied, it means that our adversaries can cause us harm. That advises caution.

- If in the dream we see playground, without focus on one in particular, it means that we want to escape from the problems of everyday life.
- If the dream focuses on a slide, it tells us that there is a delicate matter involved.
- If the dream focuses on a swing, it means happy marriage and if the rope breaks means that the marriage will be fertile.
- If our dream focuses on a seesaw, he talks about the ups and downs of our lives.

-- If we dream with a playstation, it means the following:
• Dreaming of the playstation console or playing with it, means that we have the ability to control the situation or to do what we want.
• If we are no longer children and in our dream we see a child who is playing a video game, it means we must avoid behaving immature, because that does not look good, and it is not necessary, since we have the capacity to face any situation that may arise.

- Some common pliers, warns us that difficult relationships will come.
- If it is about a dental pliers they represent a danger of losing our wife(husband).

If in our dream we see a device connected or plugged in, and does not work well, it means that we have difficulties to get in touch with someone or something, or that we have difficulties to join two things.

Playing cards:
- To dream of PLAYING CARDS, augurs disappointments and losses. This dream tells us that we let ourselves be carried away by circumstances, without striving to control the situation.
- If in our dream we SEE APPEARING a card in particular, it means the following:
• If it is a CLUBS card, it means difficulties.
• If it is a card of CUPS/CHALICES, it means triumph and happiness.
• If it is a card of HEARTS, it means good fortune in love, unless the card is broken, since then it means the opposite.
• If it is a card of SWORDS, it means that we will soon be successful thanks to our value it can also mean economic prosperity.

This dream means that there is a person nearby can help us solve our difficulties.

Plume (Crown of feathers):
This signs augurs us happy parties and gatherings.

This sign is related to the protection, especially if it's a plush-bear.
- If we dream that we have a PLUSH-TOY ALLUSIVE TO A ONE BRAND, tells us that we are well protected, and is related to what makes that brand (or that is what can help us protect ourselves and that relates to the meaning of what makes that brand), for example: If is a chocolate brand, says that happiness and good fortune in our family is safe, chocolates as they relate to the happiness and good fortune in our family.
If we dream that we have a plush-toy alluding to a phone brand, means we are well protected, because we have good communication with someone, because the phones relate to the communication.
- To dream about a PLUSH STUFFED TOY ANGEL, means we need an amulet to help us protect ourselves from those around us.
- Dreaming that we do hold a CORN INSTEAD OF OUR TEDDY BEAR, means that we are well protected and that our problems will be resolved soon.
- To dream that we are sitting on a PLUSH ARMCHAIR, tells us that although our current situation is good, we must not be complacent and we must seek to have extra protection, such as a charm, so that our situation is still good.
- If you dream of a PLUSH STUFFED TOY DINOSAUR means to be protected from problems, we must change an old attitude that does not benefit us.

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- To dream about plutonium or a sign that representing it, means that sometimes to create something new something old must be destroyed, for example, when there is a faulty construction, it is best to break it down to build something new that is more useful.
- Si soñamos que hay plutonio debajo de nuestra casa, significa que hay algo de nosotros que debemos cambiar para evitar que los demás nos rechacen.


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