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Dreams: Pi-Pz

- To dream about gherkins, means that we should improve things with our relatives.

- A strawberry pie, augure good luck in love.
- A cheese pie means good luck in the economic.

To dream that someone assaults us with a knife and cuts us to pieces, means that there is someone who hates us too much and wants revenge on us.

But if we dream we are in school and we checked to ensure that we do not have any tattoos or piercings, it means that to be successful we will need more preparation, but also will require that we get rid of something harmful to us, that not letting us improves.

This dream tells us we have impure desires, unless it is a female animal, in this case means fertility.
- Dreaming about a dirty pig attacks us, represents a dishonest person who is causing us problems.
- If we dream that someone of the opposite sex says: Are you a donkey or a pig ?, speaks of love affairs and tells us not to behave in a lustful but not as fools, that is, tells us find a middle ground (In this case the pig represents lust).

This dream advises us to take precautions in the administration of our interests or otherwise someone will take advantage of us.

This sign represents our passage through this world, those who accompany us may be those who are close to us, it usually means that everything is fine, but if we walk in circles, it means that we need a little Divine help.

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The pills, which are used as medicine, are associated with an aid to our health or our souls.
- If the tablets are for someone else, is because that someone is in need of our help.
- If someone we know asks us to give you an aspirin, that means that she(he) needs a comfort to us. But if, for example, a woman who does not know, she asks for an aspirin, it means a female person needs the comfort of us, since in that case the dream is giving us a clue who it is.
- If we dream older pills, represents something that no longer works and advises us not to try, for example: a ex girlfriend who wants to return with us, a former partner who wants to return, an alliance that gave no results, something that just did not work, and so on.
- If we dream aspirin or tablets and see that it expired, means the same as above.

It tells us that we will be used and exploited without us realizing it. It may also mean that we are not being treated with honesty.

Pimping/ Procuring
It tells us that we will be used and exploited without our realizing it. It may also mean that we are not being treated honestly.

Pimples/ Bumps:
- If we dream that we begin to leave many bumps on the NOSE, it tells us that we should not be dishonest.
- If we dream that leaves us a pimple on the part that is BETWEEN THE NOSE AND MOUTH, especially if is black, tells us that we should not say rude things or they can hurt others.

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- SEE PINS in our dream announces family discord, or financial loss.
- If in our dream we see with a pin stuck in the HEART, it means somebody is that we have problems with our partner or love.
- If in our dream we nailed with a pin in the STOMACH, tells us that someone tries to cause gossip or problems through misunderstandings.
- If in our dream we nailed with a pin in the HAND OR ARM, means there is someone trying to sabotage us means there is someone trying to sabotage us that we fail to do anything, and if we are also dressed in red clothes, tells us that someone tries to sabotage us do anything we arrive in a matter that relates to love or a battle (Competition, legal battle...)
- If in our dream we see with a pin stuck in the FOOT, tells us that someone tries to keep us under their will, or want you fence to prison, depending on our current situation, or the meaning of the other things we see in dream.

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- It means that we will suffer some small wounds in self-love, without major gravity.
- To dream that someone pinches our nipples, and it hurts, means that we will suffer some wounds in our pride, but they will be of little importance and relate to love.

- To dream of a apinny means work and protection in our work.
- If we see it dirty, announces discussions and difficulties at work.

- If we are smoking a pipe reveals a peaceful life full of wellness.
- If the pipe breaks this well will be marred by problems with friendships and breaks.

To dream about a piranha represent a tax collector or a usurer, depending on our current situation.

If we dream this feeling toward someone, it represents the good affection and friendship that others feel for us.

Represents abundance and options.

- Dreaming about a pizza deliver our pizza promises even before thirty minutes, for example, before 25 minutes, we said that we will have plenty and good choices, but we must learn to be patient.


It means that there is important and privileged information that is related to what the plancard says.

- Sometimes dreams are like puzzles and a particular street or a certain place can relate to something that happened or happened to us there, and that we must keep in mind, so that it does not repeat itself, or as an experience, depending on the case.
Another case is when we see in the place something that does not correspond to how we know it in reality, for example something that is not there, in which case the dream tells us to take into account that which is not there, because some of it is relates to the message of the dream; the case is to think of all the possibilities to be able to arm the meaning of the dream.
- To dream that we see things from two places at the same time; Means that we have two points of view on something, so we are not sure which way or decision to take. Which advises us to analyze the situation better, although sometimes the dream is accompanied by other signs whose syndicate shows us what is best for us to do.

This sign represents happiness, and good fortune without limits.
- This dream augura us that we will achieve a better situation besides happiness and good fortune in general.

- View a plane says we want to achieve a higher level, in this dream may be that the plane landing or taking off a certain place so that the search for the meaning of the place and see what else we can say that we need do, to achieve a higher level, for example, if we see the plane landing in front of a bookstore, dreams advises us to go to that bookstore to buy books related to what you want to know.

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Plane, astral:
- If during the dream, we realize that we are dreaming and tried to wake up, but feel that something pulls us or something that does not let us return to this astral plane; means that a pesky spirit was bothering us in our dream. If it not repeated, no problem, but if repeat constantly, we must place a psychic weapon inside the pillow as it can be a folding knife. (Although it is not a serious danger, the feeling can be disturbing).

- If you dream that there is life on another planet, the dream tells us that there other worlds and life on other planets. This dream also reminds us that we own our own destiny, that is, we are free to choose.

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- View plank in our dreams, it means that we will have good fortune in our projects, and if the wood plank is fine, says that good fortune will be even greater.
- Dreaming of a white candle unlit one on the plank, tells us that for were to have prosperity and good fortune in our projects, we do more, but if we see the candle burning, or lighting, it means soon achieve good fortune and prosperity in our projects.

It symbolizes the cycles of life and death.
- If a woman dreams that she planting BANANA SEEDS, means the possibility of a love or a friendship with someone of the opposite sex.
- To dream about we sow some seeds and then see BORN AND GROW PLANT, means abundance and prosperity.
- If we are planting a CAMP, augurs wealth and good fortune.
- Dreaming about planted STRAWBERRIES means good fortune thanks to a woman.

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The plastic represent the false.
- If our dream is focused on plastic or plastic things, means that we are not being honest with ourselves or with those around us.
- If in our country are manufactured both paper bills as plastic or manufactured only paper bills and in our dream we see only plastic BILLS, it means difficulties await us money because of something false , for example: That we have bought something , thinking that was original and was actually pirated or fake.
- If in our dream we see BOOKS WITH WRAP plastic, and have also noticed that the price tag tells us that if we want to get more knowledge, we should not skimp on expenses (Books, tuition, courses, travel, etc.) That is, if we want more knowledge and greater specialization, we spend more and keep in mind that it is a necessary expense that we also bring benefits.
- If in our dream we see a MONEY SIGN ("$" or "Ä"), made of plastic, tells us that money troubles are approximated by cause that we are being too artificial (Fake, sham, obvious, unoriginal, etc.), which advises us to do things more authentic form, natural, original, and high quality.
- If we dream that SOMEONE TELLS us that something is fine plastic, it means that someone is being fake and also knows how to fool others. If we dream of a plastic bag, we see: "Bag" as it has exactly the same meaning.

Plates/ Dish:
- If in our dream we see a BABY DISH, full of urine, it means that our parents are trying to dominate us too much, as when we were younger.
- If we see a BROKEN DISH it means difficulties of money.
- If in our dream we see DIRTY PLATES, it means difficulties in our affairs or in our business.
- If we see a EMPTY PLATE, it means problems of money.
- If we see ourselves FILLING A PLATE, it means that we will begin to reach our objectives.
- If we dream that FOOD FALLS from our plate, it means that even if things seem safe and easy, we should not trust, because any carelessness could ruin everything.
- If we dream of a FULL DISH, it means good luck in the economic.
- To dream that we do NOT WASH WELL THE PLATES, it means that there is something that we have to correct or do well so that everything goes well in our affairs and businesses.
- If we dream that we WASH THE PLATES WELL, means that difficulties that may arise in the future, will disappear for good.

- If in our dream we see walking down the platform of a station and then tranship means successive changes in our life or the end of an era and the beginning of another.
- If we dream that we are in a station and there we see a platform that brings us to another station, where there is another shuttle to take us to the same fate, that is, going parallel, means we have the option to choose our destiny, but long as we are firm on that. (As if we knew that on a certain date we will seriously sick by drinking alcohol, then, to change the destination we stop taking such drinks, and we must be firm on it.)

Platonic love:
To dream that you have a platonic love means that for good luck in love must try harder or put a little more effort.

Play boy:
- If a man dreams that his girlfriend asks him if the play boys (Casanovas) can predict the future, it means that she is insecure, fearing that he leave at any time, in the sense that she thinks that when that he knows someone more attractive will leave.

- If in our dream we are watching a football game or other sports and see one of the team players, which we support, drawn and bloodied, it means that our adversaries can cause us harm. That advises caution.

- If in the dream we see playground, without focus on one in particular, it means that we want to escape from the problems of everyday life.
- If the dream focuses on a slide, it tells us that there is a delicate matter involved.
- If the dream focuses on a swing, it means happy marriage and if the rope breaks means that the marriage will be fertile.
- If our dream focuses on a seesaw, he talks about the ups and downs of our lives.

If in our dream we see a device connected or plugged in, and does not work well, it means that we have difficulties to get in touch with someone or something, or that we have difficulties to join two things.

Playing cards:
- To dream of PLAYING CARDS, augurs disappointments and losses. This dream tells us that we let ourselves be carried away by circumstances, without striving to control the situation.
- If in our dream we SEE APPEARING a card in particular, it means the following:
• If it is a CLUBS card, it means difficulties.
• If it is a card of CUPS/CHALICES, it means triumph and happiness.
• If it is a card of HEARTS, it means good fortune in love, unless the card is broken, since then it means the opposite.
• If it is a card of SWORDS, it means that we will soon be successful thanks to our value it can also mean economic prosperity.

This dream means that there is a person nearby can help us solve our difficulties.

Plume (Crown of feathers):
This signs augurs us happy parties and gatherings.

Plush-toys/ Stuffed-toys:
This sign is related to the protection, especially if it's a plush-bear.
- If we dream that we have a PLUSH-TOY ALLUSIVE TO A ONE BRAND, tells us that we are well protected, and is related to what makes that brand (or that is what can help us protect ourselves and that relates to the meaning of what makes that brand), for example: If is a chocolate brand, says that happiness and good fortune in our family is safe, chocolates as they relate to the happiness and good fortune in our family.
If we dream that we have a plush-toy alluding to a phone brand, means we are well protected, because we have good communication with someone, because the phones relate to the communication.
- To dream about a PLUSH STUFFED TOY ANGEL, means we need an amulet to help us protect ourselves from those around us.
- Dreaming that we do hold a CORN INSTEAD OF OUR TEDDY BEAR, means that we are well protected and that our problems will be resolved soon.
- To dream that we are sitting on a PLUSH ARMCHAIR, tells us that although our current situation is good, we must not be complacent and we must seek to have extra protection, such as a charm, so that our situation is still good.
- If you dream of a PLUSH STUFFED TOY DINOSAUR means to be protected from problems, we must change an old attitude that does not benefit us.

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- To dream about plutonium or a sign that representing it, means that sometimes to create something new something old must be destroyed, for example, when there is a faulty construction, it is best to break it down to build something new that is more useful.

by letter.



The things we see in our pockets (As long as it is not paper money), represent something that succeed get insurance and is related to the meaning of the thing we see in them.
- If we see our pocket full of BILLS, means that we have a problem to cause expenses.
- Dreaming that we FILL OUR POCKETS OF BILLS, means it is very likely that we will soon have financial difficulties because of something we are not doing well.

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In such dreams, we must pay attention to what the poem says, because that is the exact message, because the poem is the language of angels.

Poinsettia: br> - Dreaming of this flower means that we will have a good luck run.

Poison ivy:
- If in the dream we see poison ivy, it represents someone who wants to harm us in some way, either by jealousy, envy, revenge, or ill will. It may also represent situations or behaviors that are best avoided.
- If we dream that we leave skin rashes due to poison ivy, means that we need better protection materials and/or a good psychic protection to prevent someone causes harm us in some way, revenge or ill will.

Pole vault:
- To dream that we make a pole vaulting, it means that we will achieve our projects.

Police/ Cop:
If in the dream just see a cop, means the following: If we are young, it means we need someone to help us navigate our lives or tell us good advice on an issue that is important. But if our waking life we are mature, then, means that we must be more careful when choosing our friends.
- To dream that we ARE POLICE means that we are being too strict with someone.
- Dreaming a police ARREST A FRIEND means that we are not happy.
- Dreaming about a cop CHASING US UNFAIRLY it means that something is being hard to get us, plus we felt a little guilty; which advises us to be firm and defend our interests may seem that we are being too severe.
- Dreaming about a cop CHASING US BUT we managed to escape, means that we soon succeed despite the difficulties that may arise.
- If we dream that CORRUPT POLICE STOP US or that we are victims of a corrupt police; means that recently suffered an injustice at the hands of law or arbitrary authority.

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Polish shoes:
Advertise a successful town differs shape you thought or believed.

- Be polite, or that someone to be polite, means that our relationships with others will be good. At least we see an old man (Old woman) being polite, because then it means that we are doing well in our lives and in our projects.

Politic party:
- If we dream that we are militants or members of a communist political party, it means setbacks.
- If we dream that we avoid being militants or members of a communist party, it means that we know how to take advantage of the councils.

Symbolizes fertility, also it reveals sensuality and pleasure.
To dream of a pomegranate and further if we see it open, equal to appear someone in our lives that will fulfill our lustful desires.

This sign tells us about our emotions and can also tell us something about our relationships. - To dream of a pond, where the water is clean, it says that our feelings are well founded.
- See a pond that is surrounded by vegetation, it tells us that we have the desire to live loving emotions.
- If the water is murky, it means tough love.
- If the banks are arid, it means we fear not achieve our desires for love.
- If we are fishing in the pond, it tells us that we have the desire to find a partner.
- If in the pond, we see dead fish and this murky, it means bad luck in love.
- If there are other people with us, what they say and do gives us information of our own personality.
- If in our dream we see a pond full of fish and in the depths we see a gun, it tells us that there is a danger that our desires do not come to see made to the cause that there is a plot against us.

Dream of a pool, provides information on our emotions.
- A pool surrounded by lush vegetation increases the meaning of life and sentimentality and indicates a desire to act out of emotions and passions and love.
- If we get into it, is that we have difficulty coming soon, so we must make an extra effort, and review it all we are doing, to understand that sleep difficulties referred to, it is important to pay attention to others signs and details that accompany the dream.
- If in a dream saw a pool with clean water without getting wet, it means that our feelings are good, or it can also be a confirmation that our feelings are well founded.
- If in our dream we see a pool of dirty water, means:
1. If you only see a pool of dirty water, it means approaching ills or problems of moral.
2. If we get to the pool with dirty water, means we can be victims of corruption and hypocrisy of some people.
3. If we dream that one of our brothers gets into the pool with dirty water, means the same as above.
4. If we dream that we started to clean a pool with dirty water, but only if it does not put ourselves means that we get rid or we got rid of the hypocrisy and corruption of some people.
- If the water is cloudy or agitated by the storm portends tough love.
- What they say or do the people who accompany us about his true personality.
- If the pool is very cloudy or is empty indicates failure of the sentimental hope.

It means good luck in economics.
- If we poop, and also feel fear, or signs of sadism, means that our personality is deteriorating.
- If in our dream we defecating means we will have good luck in economics. The same means if defecate and then we clean with toilet paper, but only if not throw the paper, because then it means the opposite.
- If our dream just see poo poo we walk, we spotted the poop, or see poop in the W. C. (If not go down the toilet and poop or go), means good luck in economics.
- If in our dream we defecate with difficulty, it means we're being greedy.
- If we are with diarrhea, it means that we should avoid wastage.

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Poor quality:
- If we dream of something that is of poor quality, it is a warning, telling us that we should seek more knowledge and do better.
- If in the dream we arrive at a hotel and when they give us the account, we see that it is cheap, it means that we have the opportunity of a favorable change and we must take advantage of it. At least then we realize that the hotel is of poor quality, because then it means that to achieve a favorable change we must analyze the situation better and do things well; In the latter case, it may also mean that we obtained something of little value, for example: A hypocritical friendship, an underpaid job .....

- This symbol means confusion, so that the dream may indicate prosperity, but can also advertise calamities, so advice us not be complacent and be prepared for any situation.
- Dreaming of a dead Pope, tells us that we are able to avoid confusion, slanders, calamities, lies, and more difficulties.

- It promises good luck in general.
- View burnt popcorn augurs bad luck.
But if we dream we do popcorn, and get burned, it means we have much to learn for good luck.

Pork rinds:
- If we dream we bought PORK RINDS means approaching difficulties. But if we do not buy, then, means that we will not have difficulties, we still say we should not entrust too.
- But it is a WHEAT FLOUR FLUFFY SNACK LIKE A PORK RINDS, means the same as above.
- If we dream of a PORK RINDS WITH CHILI, means approaching problems, and dislikes.
- If we dream about GORDITA DE CHICHARR”N (Mexican food) like a chubby pork, means the same as the first, this is approaching difficulties.

It symbolize salvation and speed. Both materially and spiritually, and it tells us that we are on the right path.

- If you dream you are possessed, or that someone is possessed, it means that there is much evil around us. - This dream may also be caused due to evil have been practicing rituals, such as: playing with the Ouija board or the like. To avoid repeating this dream, you should stop doing this kind of rituals and a prayer before bed.

- We predict welcome news.

- To dream of a poster, it will portend an insider, which relates to the poster.
- To dream of a worn poster means that we must avoid, disclose to others, inside information, because if we do we run the risk of being slandered.

Poster board:
- Tells us that there is important information that relates to what is written or drawn on it.

We said we will receive important news that can change our way of life.

- A full kettle and on the fire are forecasting interesting news.
- An empty pot or that is seen unused, tells us that we lack safety in ourselves.

- This dream is a sign of happiness begins.
- If the potatoes are in poor condition, means that there is or there will be happiness, but we are content with little, that is, we are told to find an architect.
- Dream a broth of potatoes means the happiness starts.
- Dreaming about a half cold potato soup (like when half cold because we do not take time and almost completely cooled), means lost opportunities.

- If we dream we travel on a car or vehicle, and suddenly fall into a pothole, means that soon we may have difficulties.
- If we can avoid the pothole, it means that we will avoid a difficulty.

- Dreaming with a potty full of poop, means good luck in money matters, but if we see it empty, then it means bad luck in money matters.
- Dreaming with a potty covered with plastic wrap or cellophane, means, money difficulties caused by someone who does not let us prosper.

Powerpuff girls:
- To dream about a cartoon of the powerpuff girls means that we must defend our interests so prevent someone laughed at us.

- To dream that someone praises us, it means someone has bad intentions towards us.
- If we are sincerely praising someone, means that we will achieve what we want. But if we hypocritically, means that we can see humiliated in reality, or that someone tries to deceive or take advantage of us.

- If we are praying, it means that there is something we feel guilty, but we refuse to acknowledge.
- It may also mean that we are in a difficult situation that we do not know how to escape and need some Divine help to get out of trouble.

Praying Mantis:
- To dream of a praying mantis means that we must take things calmly or seek greater peace and tranquility.
- If we dream of a red praying mantis, it means that taking things more calmly will help us to be protected from making mistakes and from various risks

- It's a warning of a coming danger.
- Dreaming about a predator devours us, means we are approaching a danger of dying.

- Being in a predicament warns that we should reflect on the solution of our difficulties.
- Seeing other people in a predicament indicates that we have filled with doubt and perplexity to our rivals.

In most cases this means that we want to get married or have a quieter life.
- Sometimes I have this dream if a pregnant woman may be a reflection of your current state.
- Dreaming of an ABORTION tells us that there is an issue that will not go well; in other cases it refers to something not yet started and makes us see our difficulty to start something new , because of our lack of choice or value.
If in the dream we are participating in an abortion it means you get sick soon.
Dream about the abortion of an embryo tells us that one of our new projects is in danger of ending badly.
- If the dream turns out to be ANGUISHED means fear of sex.
- If a woman dreams that she just learned that ARE PREGNANT and thus is distressed, it means that he is afraid of sex, or who fears that get pregnant and ruin their projects.
- If a woman dreams that this PREGNANT OF HER BOYFRIEND AND ABORTED, means: Problems, possible illnesses can even be a venereal disease, sadness, separation, and so on. This dream advises health care and decisions.

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Presenter, TV:
- If we dream of a TV presenter who bears a RESEMBLANCE TO A PERSON WHO WE KNOW, the dream is related to that person that looks like the TV presenter, so the meaning of the other things that appear in our dreams, have to do precisely with that person.
- Sometimes the dream can be accompanied by other signs that highlight PERSONALITY OF TV PRESENTER or of personality that seeks to reflect on the type of program that leads, so that the dream tells us we want to be as the driver or 's character.

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Preserves recipes:
To dream about a preserves recipes, means a difficult economic time approaches.

- If we press someone, it means that person feels pressured by us, but if someone presses us, then, means that we feel pressured by that person.

- If we pretend anything, it means that we can act unfairly, which is not good. But if we dream that someone pretending anything, it means that we can be deceived by our relationships.
- To dream that we see a young man pretending to be a statue, it means that we have an adversary who is a hypocrite.

This dream tells us that we should distrust some of our friendships.
- If we dream that our girlfriend(boyfriend) tells us that she(he) is proud of having such an attractive boyfriend(girlfriend), it means that she(he) is really ashamed of us because of our appearance, attitude, etc., depending on our Current situation.

Priest/ Priestess:
- If in our dream we see Priests or Priestesses OF A GOOD RELIGION, means we have a little Divine help.
It can also be a comfort, good luck on the money, good luck in the spiritual, or in the familiar.
- If you dream to A PRIEST OF EVIL RELIGION OR SECT, means adversities.

Prince/ Princess:
If in our dream we see a prince or a princess, we suggest not making plans or projects for the future that have no prospect of realization. But if there are things in the dream having to do with love, then, the dream relates to our ideal love, either the ability to find or with someone we like and who like us also.
- If a man dreams that he is BOYFRIEND OF A PRINCESS, but then a unknown man kidnaps the princess or takes it by force means he has an enemy who is trying to avoid that achieves find his ideal love.
- If we constantly dream to we are princes, when we are no longer young in real life, it means we feel nostalgia for the past or we are very romantic.
- If in our dream we see a princess DRESSED OF PINK the dream augurs a future relationship.
- If a woman dreams of EMBROIDERING the image or figure of a princess, says it is being too ambitious and advises trying to focus on more realistic projects or with higher feasibility.
- If a woman dreams that she is GIRLFRIEND OF A PRINCE, but then a unknown man kidnaps the prince or takes it by force means she has an enemy who is trying to avoid that achieves find her ideal love.

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Princess Diana:
- If in our dream we see Princess Diana tells us that our mother is likely to be reached become a terrible mother-in-law, or that we may have a terrible mother-in-law (as if our angel told us: "Remember what happened to princess Diana").

Print (Decorated with):
- To dream of a shawl or a coat with printing, means that we are ready to face things or issues that are coming, and the meaning of the stamped image, gives us more details on this case looking for the meaning of that it represents or see in the image.

- A good quality printer, represent a good news regarding with that print it.

This dream augurs good news regarding that we write or print.

This sign is usually related to changes in our lives. But if there is an arrest warrant (this is, the written order of a judge to catch someone and take him to jail) relates to prison, so that if the arrest warrant is against us, tells us that is likely to apprehend an enemy, but if the order is against an enemy, then who we are in danger of going to jail, either by demand or by a reckless, but if a cop stops us ( without a warrant), for example, because we do not respect a road sign or see us doing something wrong, then, means that we feel guilty about something.

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Private diary:
It represents nostalgia in remembering our childhood.
- If we open it and see that it is blank indicating that we wish to erase the past.
- As is the feeling to have this dream will have been our past.
In any case we suggest looking to the future and leave the past behind.

Procuring/ Pimping
It tells us that we will be used and exploited without our realizing it. It may also mean that we are not being treated honestly.

- To dream about we decided to change of profession, because disapprove a test, means that if we do not analyze the situation well, we can have many problems.

Profile (Side view of face):
- If in our dream we see a picture or someone's photograph, and we notice that it is in profile, the meaning of the dream tells us about the various aspects of someone or something, for example: Seeing an image of our mother, in profile, tells us about her aspects or good and bad phases, such as when it is good or when it is bad (Bad but with good reason), like when we were children and punished us for doing something bad (or when it punishes us for doing something bad, if we are still children).

Profile, criminal:
- If we dream that someone makes or develops our criminal profile, it means that we should be more honest towards others.
- If we dream that we (or someone) makes the criminal profile of someone we know, that person is not being honest enough towards others.

Program/ Programme/ TV show:
If we dream we were watching TV and we remember well the program that were happening, we must seek the meaning of the things that we saw in it.
- If we dream that we are watching a program "Behind the Scenes", it means we mistrust about a certain topic, which also wanted to know more.

- Predict unforeseen circumstances we will be more painful if the explosion causes havoc.
- If we dream that we controlled a remote control missile, means that we must prepare to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Promissory note:
It means that money troubles are coming at least we dream we return or give us a promissory note, in which case it means the opposite.

- The faster the propeller rotate faster advance in our life.
- See us trapped by them Announces difficulties in our business or affairs.

It represents our future, if the building does not look good, it is because we will have problems.
- If it is a small building, it tells us that we must do more.
- If it falls, it is because you have to plan everything again, because something may be wrong.
- If is in poor condition, it means that we need to strive so that everything goes well.
- If it is a huge building, it tells us that our projects are large, and we'll see performed.

- If we see a prosecutor, it means we need a little help to get out of a difficult situation.
- If we dream a prosecutor, who sees us angry, it means that we must be prudent in what we do, or we are planning to do.
- If in our dream we see that we are judging regardless of the outcome of the trial, it means that we find ourselves in a risky situation.
- If we dream that we are prosecutors or jurors, it means that soon we will have to make an important decision.

It symbolizes concealment and cheat.
- If we dream we wear some prosthesis is because we want to hide from others, a feature or facets of our character that we are not satisfied. If we look in the mirror with prosthesis means that if we could, we would hide that feature to ourselves.
- If there are others who have prosthesis, it is known people in real life who we do not want to recognize their behavior towards us. This dream warns us that someone is plotting something against us.
- If we dream that our prosthesis breaks, means there is something we canít hide no matter how hard we try.
- If we dream that our tooth-prosthesis is broken, it means the same as above.
- To dream that our tooth-prosthesis falls out, it means to we no longer possible to continue hiding something or deceiving someone.

This dream means that difficult days for love are close, because it will be difficult to trust in the person we love. Also portends sorrow and disappointment.
- To dream that we walk by AVENUE and suddenly we see many prostitutes means that difficult days are coming for love, or we will be difficult to love.
- To see in our dream a prostitute with BLOOD ON THE NOSE, means that rid us or we got rid of a compromise that did not suit us.
- If a woman dreams that she IS A PROSTITUTE, represents sexual desires or a guilt feel and that means the first or the second depends on your current situation.
- If a man dreams to be MARRIED or, marries a prostitute, means he must be careful with whom it relates, as there are persons who canít be trusted (Either because they are women little faithful or little reliable).
- If a man dreams that he PAYS A PROSTITUTE (With bills), represents an selfish(interested) girlfriend.

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Protesters/ Demonstrator:
- If in our dream we simply see people protesting a fair cause (without us being there), or we see people protesting to defend us, it means that we will get back on the right track or simply tell us that we will save ourselves from something bad.
- If in the dream we see several demonstrators or people on strike and one of them asks us to give him money, and we give him a shiny coin, it means that there is someone who could take our good luck or something Is ours by right; But if we remain undecided as to whether we give the currency or not, it means that the future is uncertain.
- If in our dream we see a group of protesters against us, it means there are people who try to prevent us from achieving our purposes. This dream advises us to be strong in character and seek the most effective means to achieve our goals.
- If we dream that we see a group of protesters in front of us, who looking to have mental retardation, it means that there are people who try to prevent us from achieving our purposes, besides that there is a risk that we will look like fools. Which advises us to be strong in character, in addition to seeking the most effective means to achieve our goals.

- If in our dream we are proving that something is true, or any evidence of it, means good fortune.
- If it is a prophetic dream and sees evidence, means that this evidence can be very useful (for example, in a lawsuit or a major issue).

If someone says a proverb, the dream tells us that the meaning of this, it must apply to our current situation.

- If in the dream we see mice eating our provisions, means it is likely that we will suffer shortages because of someone who is taking advantage of us.

- Seeing us in our dreams as marauders, means that we should be more honest towards others.
- If in our dream we see a marauder, it means that we fear that someone steals something important from us. And if we hear or see someone wandering our house means the same thing, that is, we fear that someone steals something important.
- If we dream that it is night and that there are thieves around our house, and although the front door is well secured, we see that the back door is half open, it means that we fear that someone will steal us, but the point is that we should be more careful and think about everything, since there is something that we are missing or that we have not thought (So that thieves could steal us where we least expect or it could be that someone we had not considered steals us).

To dream about prunes, means that we should meditate some time on some things.

Psychic and Spiritual Attacks during sleep:
During the time we sleep, there are two types of attacks that we may experience, we mean attacks carried out by dishonest people in order to harm us even resort to all kinds of tricks and they are psychic attacks and spiritual attacks.

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Psychological meaning of dreams:
The psychology was invented for various purposes, but a major, was the power to manipulate others, the case is that you cannot cure the soul with formulas and cannot make true love or true friendship, so that although there exist the subconscious, the doctors can only treat part of the brain, but not the soul. As for dreams, they are not just subconscious affairs, for example: For example: If, during most of the night we were watching horror movies, and then have nightmares, and that does not have any significant meaning, even we can say that thing of the subconscious, but outside of such cases, is important to pay attention to the spiritual significance of things we see in them, as it may be a message from Heaven, that is, not about things of the subconscious, the more so when a prophetic dream is fulfilled exactly.

- If in our dream we see the shadow of a pterodactyl flying in the sky (Pure shade), means that our enemies will try to make us despair or despair we are doing, what is causing us too much anger and we are wasting control. This dream advises us not get carried away by our instincts and remain calm, so that we can develop a good strategy to help us beat our opponents.

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- If we fall or get wet in a puddle, means we will soon have difficulties, we must make an extra effort, and review everything we're doing; to understand that difficulties relates the dream, it is important to pay attention to other signs and details that accompany the dream.
- If we see someone known wet in a puddle, it means that that person will have difficulties. (Since getting wet, it means that we must purify or cleanse what is wrong).
- If we dream that a young man injects water from a puddle to a dog, represents a friend in trouble.
- If we dream we collect water from a puddle in a container, to give drink to our dog, means difficulty in our affairs of love, friendship, dating, or commitment.
- If the dream we see a puddle of water and blood, means that if we are not careful we can get ourselves in trouble accompanied by suffering.

- If we dream that we pull the fingers to someone we know, it means that someone feels that we are attacking or despising one of his relatives.

- If it is a water pump indicates that our problems begin to be solved with the support of our friends.

- The whole pumpkin announces healing when sick.
- A whole pumpkin announces fortunate and always benefits when in real life we are healthy.
- Dry and empty symbolizes a long walk, painful and difficult journey.
- See a pumpkin announces plenty and if we are collecting, success in disputes.
- To dream about pumpkin seeds represent wealth and success.

Pumpkin seeds:
It represents prosperity and good things.

Punch bag:
This dream tells us that we must prepare for battle.

Punctuation marks:
a job, or homework, and in dream we see a number 6 on a punt or parentheses of this writing, means that what we wrote at that punt or parentheses is wrong, we must remove or correct it. But if in addition to the above we see a toilet, means that we definitely should remove it.

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- In this case, either we punish someone or punish us, it means approaching problems with our relationships.
- If a child dreams than punish him for fighting with his sister(brother), means passengers jealous (Jealous of siblings).

This sign represents the lack of will.
- If in our dream we see a puppet, it warns us to be more reflexive about our decisions, so that they can be more firm, it can also tell us that our feelings can become inconstant.
- If in our dream we see ourselves driving a puppet, it means that we are manipulating or pretending to manipulate others.
- If we dream that we handle someone we know as if it were a puppet, it means that we want to manipulate that person in some way.
- If in our dream, we see ourselves as puppets, it means that some people, or someone is manipulating us according to their own interests.

To dream about a puppy symbolizes a blossoming friendship or a friendship that grows stronger; with some exceptions, for example: If it is a rottweiler or pitbull puppy, represents an opportunity to get married, or get to have a good friend but says it can get to be a difficulty in the future.
- To dream that we carry a BROWN PUPPY augurs a new love that we can be very convenient. But if the puppy GROWLS us, then, tells us that we must be careful, as there is a danger associated with this new love.
- If in the dream we see a puppy and noticed that the puppy has its EARS AND PAWS, COLD, represents someone who needs our help; but if a puppy black color means that we must be careful with that person who needs help because it may become our enemy, and although we have helped (Like a young animal aggressive when small and needs help is harmless but when it grows it becomes dangerous).
- To dream that took a puppy to IMMUNIZE, means there is a friend who did not want to lose; or we want something that will help us to start a new love, as when someone we like and we can not find the form or the opportunity to closer to that person. But if the dream arrived until the time the puppy is vaccinated is because we achieve that strengthen that friendship or love, but it not so far is because the future is uncertain.
- To dream that our PET HAS PUPPIES, and noticed that one of them is very thin or skinny, it means that we must reinforce a point in our relationship of love or friendship. It also means that we canít overlook one of our family or friends.

- If we dream that we are purblind, it means that we lack the courage to face difficulties.

Purple passion fruit:
This fruit represents fertility, pleasure and sensuality.

- A purse full of bills means money difficulties. But if we see a purse full of coins, then, it means that we will have good fortune.

Pursuit/ Chase:
If in the dream SEE US or FEEL, PURSUED, in most cases, is telling us that we should be wary of our opponents and enemies, in order to avoid unexpected surprises, here we can help the meaning of the other things we see in our dream.
- If we dream that we are in the jungle and that several wild ANIMALS are chasing us, it is a warning that tells us to be careful with our enemies.
- If we dream that someone is chasing us and kills us, but then we CAME BACK IN TIME to the moment they began to haunt us, means that there is a danger, but the future depends on what we do now.

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- If we dream pus, it means that someone is causing us suffering.
- To dream that we squeeze a pimple, and we get pus, it means somebody is making us suffer for some of our appearance; but if we get white pus, then it means that this person is making us feel bad, but not done with malicious intent

- If in our dream we push away a person, it means we will be responsible for a delicate situation where we will not have collaboration. But if what we dream is that someone pushes us, then, it means that one of our enemies is responsible for the delicate situation in which we find ourselves, which advises us to be cautious.
- Pushing an object, we warn us to be cautious to safeguard our personal interests.

- If we do push-ups in our dream, it means that we can have a long and healthy life, as long as we do exercise and live a healthy life.
- To see someone we know, doing pushups, it means that person can have a long and healthy life, but as long as you exercise and lead a healthy life.

If in our dream we see a Pythia which talks about our future, and we also see coins present, it is a prophetic dream where an angel witch is giving us an important message about what can happen in the future.


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