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JOHN PAUL II (Karol Wojtyla Jzf)

Questions or Comments:
John Paul II, whose real name is Karol Wojtyla Jzf of Polish origin, was involved in money laundering cases, especially with the Italian Mafia, what happens is that the Vatican move large sums of money, thanks to extensive input from all churches, which is no secret, and although it is highly praised by the Vatican, the Truth is it was a very clever hypocrite, the worst of it, is that the Vatican to become their new prophet.
And although many people find it hard to believe, is true, is that enough to see how conditions are needed for someone to be regarded simply as a saint by the Vatican, as according to the rules of the early Church, for it is indispensable who had died as a martyr, or at least have done a miracle.
But in the case of Karol Wojtyla Jzf not true that he died being a martyr, however, died in an elegant bed surrounded by servants, on the other hand, could never do a miracle, so is that there are no pictures, let alone videos that show.
Still less a prophet (not even able to fulfill her last promise, for health reasons and that was the visiting Mexico for the fifth time, and it is our Divine Lady, did not allow to show through that sign Pope is not a prophet), because a prophet is the man or woman that say prophecys, and can do wonders, however Jzf Karol Wojtyla was never able to utter a prophecy and even fewer get to do a miracle proved.

The issue is that most of the time the Church is to become a saint who died as martyrs or did a miracle, but only after a long time, and after handling the story at your convenience.
Although in the case of Karol things are happening very quickly, and that the Vatican is concerned, because the contradictions of Christianity are increasingly evident, so are looking to replace their supposed prophet (Jesus) for one more current, and most of Europe.
At first the Church Vatican was to think that Karol was an angel, as shown in the image below

Here is a picture of John Paul, who until recently was easy to find in stores near churches.

But it did not take long for you to raise a saint, while you have invented miracles example is what we see in the image below, where there is a locket with a picture of Karol, which is an offense to our intelligence, but with the manipulation of media, including television and the newspapers, many people are being deceived so terrible, and it is incredible that today, there are even prayers to John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) and even statues of saints as the most popular.

Here is a locket with the image of Pope Jzf Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) which are increasingly seen in religious goods stores.

Another example is the statue that we see in the image below, which is seen as an exaggerated, even for a saint.

And finally we see the cover of a book called: "The bible of John Paul II, and while this is a book about various passages in the bible, in which Karol Wojtylia based its doctrine, the truth is that we can see clearly the intention of the Vatican to make it their new prophet. So that instead of making known the true miracles as have been made by our Divine Lady (the Virgin of Guadalupe, who is not the Virgin Mary as he chose to believe the Vatican, but God), trying to replace a sham by worse one, what with the manipulation of television and newspapers, as time passes it seems that Karol Wojtylia really were a prophet, but just remember that during the last years of his pontificate, he every effort to conceal the abuse of minors by some priests, rather than punish them properly, then, as you may try to consider a terrible dictator as a prophet.

But what we have described in the preceding paragraphs is just what we can see at a glance, but behind this issue is the Vatican, but further back is the Mason group he belonged Karol, and although we might think that the greatest threat to the world is Protestantism and the illuminati, the truth is that it is not, because it happens that the group of Karol, is carrying out a worse plan.
His intentions are to make false historical evidence, that in the future reach to think that Karol was like the reincarnation of Jesus, the fact is that the main argument for Christianity, which claims to be right, is the alleged resurrection of Jesus, in the case of Karol, we must remember that before it, there was a Pope named Albino Luciani who decided to call "John Paul" (as the Popes at the beginning of his pontificate choose a name as a kind of pseudonym) but a few days of his pontificate, he died mysteriously. Official sources say it was from natural causes, but to date there are still all kinds of suspicions, the truth is that he was killed by the Mason group of Karol, who was named Pope after that, and decided to call in the same way. The reason is that the whole plan is part of the Mason Group, who plans to make a new false prophet, so that even today no one could believe that Karol has been the reincarnation of Jesus, about 200 or 500 years would be different, when part of history has been forgotten, and after several wars and political changes, the history might begin to be rewritten, as has happened in the past, where more than a traitor has been passed for hero, and more than a fraud has been made prophet. Then after they have lost many historical documents and testimony, try to re-assemble the facts and rewrite history so that, having been a John Paul I and John Paul II, it would be difficult to say which was the same person that was buried and rose again a few days, and is, as they say in some places: "Is how to do a gossips" as well as with the shrines and huge statues of John Paul II, who could doubt it?, that way the Mason fraternity group is trying to make a doctrine more suited to their interests.