This sign can have several meanings depending on the context of the dream, though in most cases is related to the way we speak and what we say about others.
The tongue is like a flame, as it has the same shape and mobility.

- See TONGUE OF ANIMALS, means gossip and backbiting.

- Dreaming we BITE OUR TONGUE, suggest greater caution in speaking.

- See us with CUT TONGUE, means impotence, sometimes even sexual.

- If in our dream we kissed with a DOG so that both tongues are touching, represent a love well matched.

- EAT OUR TONGUE or EAT A TONGUE, means that we talk too much without control, which tells us that to continue with the same attitude, soon suffer the consequences. But who eats the tongue is someone we know, the meaning applies to that person.

- To dream that we have a LONG AND THICK TONGUE thick tongue, means that we talk too much and without control.

- If we dream that we NOT HAVE TONGUE means lack of communication.

- To dream that SOMEONE PULLS US FROM THE TONGUE means affronts and indiscretions.

- PULL OUR OWN TONGUE means that we are being reckless in the way we talk or what we say.

- If we dream that someone we know, buy a SNAKE and we noticed that the snake HAS THE LONGEST TONGUE than normal, it means that that someone has been inventing gossip.

- To dream that we have SWOLLEN TONGUE, tells us to be careful what we say because we can get into trouble.

- Strive to TALK, BUT WITHOUT GET means shyness.

- If we dream that we DROP A TOOTH AND WE FEEL TO HOLE WITH OUR TONGUE, tells us that we must be careful what we say or do, because otherwise we'll get into a situation of grave danger.

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