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Jesus really is the reincarnation of an Egyptian god who lived long ago, so much that his legend is very similar to that of Seth. Which happens from time of ancient Egypt came to perform some rituals dedicated to pagan gods, and had a special ritual was involved in several of these gods, including Seth, which consisted of:

Made a kind of theater, where a man was disguised pagan god, who was pretending to die, then the assistants were beaten in the chest, to signify they felt sorrow for the death of god, and while it was like by which a prayer asking god that the dead returned to them.

(In some part of Christian ritual, it is also common to see people give blows to the chest while saying "for my fault, for my guilt," the reason is that christianity was in its infancy Based on the ritual to Seth).

Said that god was dead, then his followers buried the body, but a few days, they said that someone had seen it, but then fled by jumping into a river, where they became fish. After that, presumably, to know his followers were to dig up the body, but upon arrival they saw that he was born wheat, and the dig, could not find the body, since then, the myth that people used to eat the wheat rituals that god, as a kind of ritual magic, because in those days, there were those who thought that the death of the body, was dying forever, then they believed that if they ate wheat, would like to resurrect than the god.

There is also a story (story has been told only in part, because the Masons have tried to hide at all costs) that tells, that in ancient Egypt, an evil prince named Seth, jealous that his brother had been crowned as pharaoh, the evil prince wanted to usurp the throne by deception and machinations. What achievement with the help of some traitors in the kingdom. He soon discovered everything, and Seth was driven out of Egypt, then, the impostor tried to take revenge and launched a terrible curse, causing a plague of rats entering the cities, those which were brought into the barns, causing great losses. With the passing of days, the Egyptians were in a desperate situation. Because if stored grain were lost, they should not eat until the next harvest, which were in danger of reaching starvation, and were unwilling to yield to the wishes of the evil imposter. In desperation, all raised their prayers to Heaven, then, to fight evil, was sent a goddess (Archangel) called Bast, whom God commissioned her to banish Seth. Bast, to combat the scourge, sent hundreds of lynx to Egypt, where he soon ended up with the mess. Then, as time passed, the bobcats were domesticated and became cats. Since then they began to be highly valued in Egypt and who saved that nation from dying from the terrible plague caused by Seth. Reasons, in the bible appointing all kinds of animals, but not hand is mentioned, even once the cats, and the reason is the great fear that Seth feels towards these felines.

Here is the sign of the fish Protestant, some sects use it as a charm, even paste often similar signs in their cars. And one side we see a fragment of an Egyptian papyrus, which is a hieroglyph representing a fish, so that we can see the great similarity between the Protestant and hieroglyphic sign.

If you look carefully, the myth is very similar to the supposed story of Jesus, as it tells that when he was killed, and buried, but a few days, the apostles realized that the tomb was open and empty, then say that someone had risen. Moreover we must remember that the christian rites was common to eat bread, to symbolize communion with the god, which is still in some christian sects, the reason is that the bread made of wheat and wheat symbolizes that used to eat Seth worshipers.

Here we see the image on the back of a dollar, where we see the sign of the Illuminati, which is one of the most hostile masons there. If you look carefully, we can see that the mason sign is made up of a Egyptian pyramid, which is a triangle with the tip in one eye, which is identical to those that can be seen especially in some sects; Because it represents the Christian trinity. It's like we can see the great similarity between christianity and Egyptian culture. Because it evokes the days when Seth usurp the throne of ancient Egypt.

In this picture, we see an Egyptian pyramid.