For health, one of the most effective amulets is the amulet for health and protection, which consists of a silver coin with a prayer written on it. This amulet protects us from diseases, accidents and psychic attacks, even protects those who are close to us. But there are also other things that can help us to have good health, as it is, as far as possible, avoid pointy objects such as toothpicks and injections (always try to opt for pills or other medications, unless there was no other option). This is a psychic issue but it helps a lot to prevent the body from deteriorating. On the other hand, in the organic part, the ideal is to exercise and avoid foods that contain too much salt or sugar, at least consume that type of food with measure. Especially avoid consuming too much soda, because they contain too much sugar that can cause obesity to diabetes, since the body can not process such amount of sugar.