The different types of amulets.

First there are the common amulets, which are the ones that have as a function to protect us from all kinds of dangers. In second place are the talismans, which is a type of amulet that is used for a specific purpose, for example: To have good luck in money, love... Then follow the collective amulets, which are what bring luck to a country , religion, etcetera, and generally they are the relics that are in the temples. Finally there are the psychic weapons that are used to combat evil spirits, and although consecrated objects or protection are given all kinds of names, they will always be in one of these categories and are usually made of organic materials such as cloth of origin vegetable, wood, skin, etc. or at least contain a metal and in most cases are consecrated in a special place and date where they are given a name, unless it is something that belonged to an important person or that has been delivered by a good spirit as a symbol of protection.

Nelamoxtli Magazine/ December, Year 06.