Psychic weapons in general.

Psychic weapons are partly symbolic and partly psychic, which can range from a fang of a coyote, tiger, crocodile or some other type of predator, to a sharp puncture weapon which as a symbol is similar to fangs, but in its Psychic part serve to injure an invading spirit or even to send it to the astral plane from which it has left, since metallic objects and those of organic origin such as tusks, usually catch or pull in some way to the impure spirits and sharp edges cause them great pain. On the other hand, the image of a horse is also a good psychic weapon, since in ancient times horses were the key to win many battles and as I continue is equivalent to giving weapons to our guardian angel to combat evil. Thus we see that on one side are the weapons that serve to directly injure the invading spirit and on the other the weapons that are purely symbolic but serve to project something on the other astral plane, ie is a way to send weapons To our guardian angels so that they can combat evil effectively, added to the prayers, since they are also a source of energy for the good spirits (Prayers give strength to good spirits and on the other hand fear and Other negative emotions gives strength to the bad ones, which is good to always keep in mind).

Nelamoxtli Magazine/ February, Year 05 N° 87.