For the love.

In this month, in many countries the day of love and friendship is celebrated (February 14) and the ideal is to have a date that day, to have good luck in love all year, and to start the month well, we must have presents the goddess of love, which is Bast (The Egyptian goddess with the head of a cat), who was later known by the Greeks as Aphrodite. Although in his representation of Bast is better, being a good offering, having a cat or at least the figure of a cat so that love never fails in our lives. In addition to the above, if we already have a girlfriend(boyfriend) or partner, the ideal is to be loyal to her and not make her suffer, so that she(he) corresponds to us in the same way. As for the witchcraft ties, even supposing they worked, they are not good, because having someone by force has nothing to do with love.

Nelamoxtli Magazine/ February, Year 06.