The mirrors.

Mirrors are amulets of protection, as they can trap choking spirits, who commonly enter through the doors, so that a mirror looking towards the door of the entrance of the house or the bedroom (So that when someone enters Reflected in the mirror), can be a good protection amulet, however, if we are trying to make astral travel, then it is not convenient to have mirrors in the bedroom, since when we start the astral journey, the mirror that is close to us Will cause an unpleasant sensation and will not allow us to continue with the astral travel. But outside of this case, they can be very good amulets of protection, as well as sharps, since the metal serves to make psychic weapons, as the metal attracts the choking spirits and its edge hurts them, so that they move away Immediately from the place. Finally, it should be mentioned that if the mirrors pull and catch pesky spirit or souls in pain it is in part, because they are made of glass and a metallic layer that is adhered to the glass. (Note: Glass is mainly oxygen and silicon, where silicon is a metalloid, and even though a metalloid only resembles a metal but not a metal, in paranormal questions they have the same effects on ectoplasm as true metals).