Special objects.

Special objects are things that have been very useful and have given us luck, they can be from a shirt that has given us luck at least twice, to something that someone gave us that we appreciate and also has given us good luck. The point is that if a certain object, tool, gift, etc. has given us good luck, we must do our best to keep it in good condition and use it whenever there is an important issue and we need a lot of luck, in addition to the above, Ideal is not to provide that Garment or object, since it must be exclusively for us and preferably we should not say that it has brought us luck, because in the matter of amulets, it is best to be discrete to function better. Another point is that when someone gives us a gift, we must be careful, in the sense that if the gift comes from a person who envies us or does it for convenience, it is best not to use it, because it would give us nothing of Luck, and with things to eat you have to be even more careful, since it is common for envious and malicious people to put foreign substances in the foods they usually give away, from chemical substances that can make us sick to witchcraft.