The evil relics.

Evil relics are a type of evil talisman that is often used with a bad purpose (It is similar to the relics of the churches, which consist of the remains of a saint to objects that belonged to an important person). are objects related to soul in pain or with evil people, so that it is from the soil of the pantheon, which is usually used to link a spirit to a person or place, to objects that belonged to a famous person, such as could be a famous assassin or even a character in history who has committed all kinds of crimes. But if the evil relic burns, it loses its full strength and influence. It is even common that in morgues, there are people who pay large sums of money for getting objects that have been used in suicides and murders, since they use them for their rituals, although, of course, there is no ritual that can not be counteracted. Las pesadillas.

Nelamoxtli Magazine/ October, Year 06.