Weapons and psychic shields.

On the one hand we have psychic shields like silver amulets and quartz that absorb negative energy; On the other hand there are amulets like scissors, which by their sharpness and symbolism, cut off the negative psychic links. As for the psychic weapons, they are the ones that hurt the evil spirits that try to sabotage us, among them we have the knife and sword, that being of metal, they pull to the evil entity and the edge it hurts them, as far as the handle of the weapon, The ideal is that it be made of wood or leather (Materials of organic origin, since by their chemical composition formed mainly by Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen, tend to serve as a link between the astral planes). There are also distractors, which is another type of psychic defense, in this case are amulets that distract or confuse evil spirits, such as objects that are armed and disarmed, so that, for example, a well-armed Lego toy, Can be a good distractor.

Nelamoxtli Magazine/ August, Year 06.