New civil year.

In this month begins the new civil year, that is to say, the marking in the calendar, since the natural new year will occur until March along with the equinox, which is the moment in which it will have exactly completed, a complete return to the sun, Which is marked by the same nature, but the fact is that at the beginning of the calendar year, it is customary to do all kinds of rituals for good luck, like wearing red underwear for love, a certain ritual with suitcases to travel during Year, bless seeds, and so on. The point is that it is common to do projects on these dates and for this, it is ideal to buy new clothes to start well, new tools for a good job good luck in money (whether a computer accessory, a set of screwdrivers, Pens, etc., depending on that we are dedicated to). Besides the above it is not enough to get and prepare an amulet for the area in which we need more help for it we have the section of ( added to improve a little the house and/or the business, such as repairing, painting, gardening, etc., above all the facade of the house, because it is worth remembering that it is where fate comes in and the ideal is that it looks perfect terms.

Nelamoxtli Magazine/ January, Year 05 N° 86.