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- A dream that we go to a CHIKEN PRODUCTS-SHOP, TO BUY CHICKEN, but on arrival we realize that the meat is witchcraft, it means that someone is trying to manipulate and use any means at their disposal to do so, in this case, most of the time who try to manipulate us is our partner.

- Dreaming about we MAKE WITCHCRAFT, means we are trying to influence the decisions of someone or you're trying to influence people around us.

- If you dream that we MAKE WITCHCRAFT TO SOMEONE, means we are trying to manipulate our environment.

- To dream that you're in a MARKET, AND THERE BUY THINGS OF WITCHCRAF, it means that we have been trying to do sorcery to achieve anything we want, but can not achieve anything and the price is very high. This dream advises us to stop doing those things, and get rid of anything related to it as voodoo staffs and things to avoid losing money and or unpleasant situations.

- If we dream of someone we know, and we see someone else MAKING HIM WITCHCRAFT, whom I also know in our daily living, means that person is hurting the person you see that makes witchcraft.

- To dream that someone PUTS SOME OF WITCHCRAFT TO OUR CAR, it means that someone wants to hurt us and use any means at its disposal to carry it out so we advised to be cautious and take precautions.

- To dream that someone PUT WITCHCRAFT TO OUR BROTHER´S CAR, means the same as above.

- If you dream that SOMEONE PUTS WITCHCRAFT IN THE FOOD means there is someone trying to harm us in any way.

- To dream that SOMEONE WE KNOW tells us that someone is doing witchcraft to us, means that we know is who is doing witchcraft, and is simply trying to keep us aware of it.

- Dreaming about going to a STORE TO BUY FOOD, but we realize that the FOOD HAS WITCHCRAFT, means that someone is trying to manipulate and use any means at their disposal to do so.

- If we dream that we are in our house, and we see that the WALL ABUTTING THE NEIGHBOR´S WALL is painted a pentacle or any sign related to witchcraft, tells us that one of our neighbors are doing witchcraft or bad we just have will, we must be careful with these people.


Bewitch / Bewitched:
- The fact that a wizard or a witch, make us victims of a spell, is a warning for us to realize that we made a mistake we must fix, because otherwise we will discuss punishment in this life or the next. - Dreaming of a car possessed or bewitched, as if acting alone and malignant form without anyone drive, means we're getting carried away too much about the path of evil.

Haunted House:
- Dreaming of a haunted house, tells us that there is an evil spirit that bothers us. But if our dream addition to the haunted house, we also see someone you know, means that there is an evil spirit that is bothering that person and that leadeth to do dishonorable things, in the latter case, the dream we are advised to be careful known to that person.

- If you dream you are possessed, or that someone is possessed, it means that there is much evil around us.
- This dream may also be caused due to evil have been practicing rituals, such as: playing with the Ouija board or the like. To avoid repeating this dream, you should stop doing this kind of rituals and a prayer before bed.

- Dreaming of voodoo (witchcraft by means of dolls to stick pins them to cause harm to someone) tells us that someone is doing or planning to do witchcraft. It may also mean the continuation of envy, ill will, gossip, and or bad faith.