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The book of Truth

Chapters and Sections:

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Table of Contents

1. Monopolistic Practices

2. The Riches

3. Justice System

4. Mass Media

5. Economic Systems

6. Working

7. Education

8. Peace

9. Health

10. Protection of the Family

11. Combat Vice

12. International Organizations

13. Technological Collaboration

14. Culture

ood governance must be sought by all people, who can choose who promote freedom, peace, justice and unity. On the understanding that it is important to participate in the elections of our leaders, because we all have a duty to help, and that can be in many ways.
That is why all good government must combat all forms of abuse, to avoid war at all possible, help the country in need, look for the progress of the country it represents, progress can be improved in various ways, such as promoting the creation new technology, namely the science is good in the sense of finding ways to help all live better and above all share it with others.

Every good leader must seek the harmony of all. While there will always be rich and poor, good government must treat the poor are not very poor and the rich are not too rich. Ideally, a majority of the middle class, and solidarity with the whole country.
A good government respects nature, is responsible, respects the fundamental rights of every individual, for justice and goodwill. It can boost trade with other nations, but without trying to commit abuses.
Search progress, working with other countries, is democratic, promotes family values, does not commit genocide, does not discriminate, cares for others.
Population growth must be managed responsibly.
Congresses and parliaments must be composed of equal numbers of representatives of each political group, otherwise Congress will be a hypocrite.

Progress must be understood in the sense of harmony and wellbeing of all, not in the sense of promoting the services or a competition to see who accumulates more assets.

Currently most countries follow the doctrine that says: "a higher production, greater achievement” , however, that is something wrong that can only lead to overheating and the service, recalling that a production that grows out of control, destroys nature and promotes consumerism. It is only proper that production must be in proportion to the need for jobs, although this should be destroyed traditional industries, or any business that used to be a franchise. There must be a balance between the traditional industry, such as small businesses, workshops, shops, and products that are manufactured in series, for those companies that manufacture, for example: cars, computers, tractors, editorials, et cetera, so that can take advantage of technology to benefit society, but while there may be traditional industry and the jobs fair. With regard to intermediaries, it should be noted that these price increases mean that unfairly in these cases, the most appropriate control is through clear rules that do not allow the abuse of these mechanisms.


Should not accept the existence of monopolistic practices, because everyone has the right to exist, for example, trademarks are useful because they promote research, but when it happened a long time and continues to be a protected product, then it becomes an obstacle for progress and a tool to form a monopoly.
As an innovation or a product should be protected under the principle of justice, so that for example: if innovation is minor, then it must be protected for a short time, and only when it is an innovation or an invention important, when this can be protected for longer, but not exceeding twenty years. At the same time to be effectively combated counterfeiting of trademarks and products protected by law as explained below.


First we must bear in mind that the reason there are those who have more material goods than others, because this is part of the world and an education. So that those with more assets learn to share with those who have the least, are poor and who learns to follow the path of righteousness in spite of all difficulties.
But that does not mean that either focus our efforts on accumulating wealth, or that the poor can not improve economically through honest labor.

With regard to good governance, it is best to ensure that most people are middle class and respect the riches, it is important to note that should play a role, otherwise become a burden to society, because it would benefit from it without giving anything in return. Because if we live in societies for the benefit of all. So if someone is rich, it must correspond to the society through the creation of jobs and technologies that benefit society. For example, a manufacturing technology that uses poorly focused, to make use of science in a bad way, using it to avoid hiring workers. That is, when using machinery that does the work, to avoid having to pay for many workers is a bad skill. Because he is being selfish towards others, and causes fewer jobs. In this case, is so selfish that such purchases of machinery, such as who invented.
The correct is that a factory, while using advanced technology, this should not be aimed at removing as many jobs as possible. But focused on providing all kinds of jobs, and make things good. By contributing to the good of society, including companies that make a new medical discovery, or make a car that pollutes less. Thus we must all work with something.

A good government should be interested in others, not to bribe the people with a simple shed to get more votes in ELECTIONS, not to abuse of power, not to influence peddling, corruption or admit. Anyone who supports or promotes CORRUPTION, this betraying their own country, their own family. Because many throughout history have devoted their lives for the cause of freedom and justice for their children to live in a free and fair. So how can anyone justify consents corruption, such as sending an innocent person to prison, allow exploitation of the poor, influence peddling, to allow drug trafficking, and so on. This contributes to inherit their own children or himself when reincarnate. Their actions do not lead to Heaven, and early evening that will have to return to this world, making himself a victim of its own actions. And that power, money, excess and the desire for recognition does not justify the betrayal, because in the end the truth will always come to know, and no matter how distorted the story, because as a philosopher said: "Everything is presence, all the centuries that are present." No matter how many lies being said in history books or as counts. Because the acts of past rulers always reflected in the present or reflected in the future.
Is primarily the responsibility of public office, give the proper example, hold a government position, not because of pleasure, but to work, always preferring the greater good that the particular.

It is important to promote the unity of the family and traditional values, in any form should be promoting the services. While on the one hand there is freedom, and a person is free to do what you like, while not affecting others. The important thing is that you can not induce someone to the service because it is contrary to seek the good of the country. Before the money, the family welfare. So that is not good to allow advertising for products such as alcohol, pornography, cigarettes, snuff, and other similar words, all having to do with faults or which may affect the family, as is the disintegration and family violence.

The use of such advertising, provided that this is not an excessive use of subliminal language to manipulate the consumers. Moreover in the case of products related with vices, there is not justification to be advertised, has more of a simple ad in the place of sale. Just as a warning label on the consequences of their consumption. Why should not forget that things like alcohol abuse also contribute to family violence.
The family should always be a priority, especially in health, education, unity and stability.


The first thing most importantly, keep in mind that we are all entitled to justice, and it's good look. On occasions it can be difficult because there are abuses of many people and also of many governments. In the latter case every government has the obligation to seek justice, both in his country, as to other countries, always looking for the Justice and Peace. Because even the other countries are also our brothers.

Justice systems must be honest, and there must be justice monitoring providers with strong penalties for officials who are corrupt.
A president should never be over-indebted to his country, must act responsibly, just as you would your own family.
The president must seek the help of God to guide your important work.
The congress or parliament should be composed of equal numbers of representatives of each group or political party is in the country, but to avoid the pitfalls of major political groups, as is the attempt to form small parties or groups to have greater representation. Because Congress is a very important country.
The congresses should be responsible to appoint civil servants, especially those responsible for justice, as for example the president of the highest court Justice or electoral authorities. And thus achieve a balance between the Congress and Presidents.

You should always fought corruption. A good leader must avoid receiving favors from large companies or other governments. It is good that the countries to help each other, but for example when a candidate for a position in the government receives money in return for favors to try to win an election, be doing something dishonest to the detriment of their own country. Especially since you will have to pay those favors, such as supporting things like Protestantism, communism, post-Nazism, unfair concessions and so on. Then be doing something that is not good because you have to pay the favor, and to have been done in secret, show that there is an evil purpose in this.

In an election can not be accepted favors. Because it commits the candidate, who arrived at a major public office, or be forced to pay at least will be pressured to pay.

As to the monarchy, now many countries are ruled by kings and later by his descendants, for example, in some Arab countries kings are descendants of the Prophet Mohamed in Europe, the best are descended from a hero, and although such systems are widely criticized, the fact is that if the vast majority of people agree, is valid, although the ideal is that they are descendants of a prophet and that in all cases there is a congress.

In a different aspect it is good that countries work together, provided they do so respectfully. For example, not a country that is respectful send troops to another, is the reason, no matter who argue that peacekeeping forces. There are cases where a country or send more troops to another, because there has been a military invasion, and to force the country to withdraw from the invading place. In that case, even if not the best way to achieve avoid such invasion. It is understood that all troops should leave immediately after the invaders have been expelled. Otherwise it would only be a substitute for another invasion.

In this case it is best to seek to settle any disputes by peaceful means, which may not always be easy, but it is not impossible.

Military invasions are not the only ones. Then there are other more discreet forms of invasion, for example in a country where there is an excess of foreign companies, so do not give chance to the nationals. But this is not always part of a coincidence, but part of an abuse, but part of an abuse, where some governments try to

completely dominate the economies of other countries. The fact is that after the decline of empires absolute, where in addition to having a military occupation, was placed under the command of a foreign government to impose another culture, have reached slavery, and in general people conquered the country became slaves.
It happens that at the time they arrive and no country came to accept these circumstances. Empires devised new ways to replace those absolute powers, one of these forms of domination have been the economic empires based capitalism, which consist of the following:
Some governments try to produce a large amount of products they sell to other countries, just as large companies have on them. These companies make products, especially as technologies are electronics, automobiles, some types of machinery, tractors, and so on.
But to make that system work, it is necessary to comply with a rule, this is the country that sell not produce its own technology. Thus we see in many countries, including all cars and electronic products are made up elsewhere, to an extent that they do not get to see a single national brand, and if you come to see, does not last long.

For empires can carry out these practices, first began to develop new technologies. Then marks formed and began to sell their products to other countries.

It should be recalled that a tactic that appealed to many countries to keep their market disappear, before the sale of products that come from foreign countries, was recorded with a tax, known as CUSTOMS TAXES. Currently this form of control has been treated to destroy through free trade treaties.

But to prevent those other countries do the same, they began to establish factories in countries with low-technology, where they prevent the emergence of national brands, through various unfair practices. For example: If a foreign brand of motorcycles is emerging as a national company. Began to sell their products at very low, even lower than production costs, subsidize their products. While supported by advertising, giving the idea that the national product is of poor quality, until it achieves its bankrupt competitor, then, achieved their purpose when returned to their previous prices, or prices normal once has already finished with competition.

If it is not bad at all companies that established businesses or companies in another country, because it can help in several ways. But it is also important that this does not become an abuse, where strategies were developed by him to prevent a country to form their own technology. The ideal is that if a foreign company seeks to settle in another

Country, not only look at economic benefit, but to seek to contribute to the progress of that country. Such as creating new jobs and promoting healthy competition, but in no way trying to destroy the country's businesses that receive it, or commit any kind of abuse.

Mass Media.

In the case of the mass media in relation to trade, we must take special care with regard to advertising. And as is common, especially in the cinema, which is seen, it happens that the hero of the film commonly used for certain type trousers, a certain brand of sneakers, take a drink, and use certain products. It must be noted that the mass media such as film and television, tend to have a strong impact among the population, both in customs and in the consumption of goods. Since advertising in the movies, it is imperceptible and therefore very bad, so people often are not directly involved in a commercial or advertising, as well as identify with the protagonist of the film. These things can cause loss of identity and even irresponsible consumption of certain products, so it is important to control this kind of hidden advertising. Because all advertising must be accompanied by a minimum of the product that tries to sell this, because people have a right to this information, otherwise it will be a practice that goes against freedom. To damage the capacity of decision, and cause people to act thoughtlessly moved by the mere push of more material things, forgetting its traditions and even values as respect for their elders.
Another business strategy is irresponsible: BIPOLIES is when two companies or brands, usually transnational, covering more than half of what is sold in a country. For example, some companies that manufacture soft drinks, a brand that happens to the other attacks, and the other does the same, saying that its drink is better than another. So come together to capture the market, producing the idea that if one is not the other, giving the impression that there are only two brands, two brands or acceptable. This is supported by advertising, thanks to large capital companies that handle these and gives them the possibility to carry out such practices.

To control such practices, it is first necessary to know the people, how subliminal language, general handling techniques. Regarding the film, is not to ban anything that is not national but that the national cinema has an important stake, which can express their own identity. Secondly, the production technology itself is essential. Even better is that there are treaties between countries to develop technology, but treaties that each country would benefit from a fair. Moreover, it is necessary to limit advertising, especially in cases where there is an abuse of that. Since companies must be responsible. In the case of corporations must be a mutual benefit that can be beneficial to the country that supports them. Such as to boost competition. But if not covering more than half of sales in the country, producing jobs, do not pollute, pay taxes and produce quality products, because if not, they should be controlled by just laws,
When there is injustice, there are always ways to get things to be more equitable, such as the creation of unions, both within countries, even as trade unions formed by several countries in order to prevent abuse by large employers. But never with the intention of harming or abusing others, but only when there are unfair practices.

On the other hand there are certain areas that should always be controlled with greater effort, such as banks, brokerage firms, energy, extraction of certain products such as oil and other types of ore. Even the potential to nationalize or remain in the hands of national companies, if necessary, but in any case must be compensated fairly for the companies that had to leave.

There is another type of monopolies such as trademarks or PATENTS. Because for many years large numbers of companies have benefited from this by selling products and technologies at very high prices especially for long.
It is true that I made a new invention, it deserves a reward, but it must be fair. For one thing must be fought effectively counterfeiting of protected products, to promote technology and new products in general. In addition a new product or invention can not be protected indefinitely. What is compounded when some countries invent international courts, as well as international laws that were created for the sole purpose of protecting abusive practices of a few. So do not accept such legislation. As a new product can not be protected indefinitely or for excessive periods of time. And that the patent should only be protected while they can give the author or inventor a fair payment. What can not be over twenty years in any case, and if it is a minor improvement, the term should be smaller in order to prevent abuse. So that the technology should help to progress, but not become a form of abuse towards others.

Economic Systems.

Economic systems should be based on social and political freedom. The current economic system in most parts of the world is capitalism, which had its beginning in Europe and has been developed by Protestant governments. This system is based on consumerism and waste. It is a system that is based on an unequal trade, where the value of goods varies according to a set of rules that benefit a few. One major problem is the waste, causing constant damage to the environment.
One of the problems of Protestantism is that tries to make people believe that if someone is poor is their own fault, for not working enough. That is not true, because the purpose of coming to this world is getting an education. In this case, learning to share with others and not getting a high social class. Because this has nothing to True, since the material goods are passengers. The only thing that endures is the soul and what it has to do with the soul. True it is that if there are more people than others, is to enable people to learn to share with others. So that such beliefs mean that there are abuses.

These abuses we can see, for example, in fashions, such as cars, even if it is not necessary to change the design of a car constantly, does not, on the contrary. There are brands that claim to spend millions on marketing and design studies, to be able to market a new model, which happens about every two years, sometimes a little more. But this makes the cost of a car is very high. That coupled with the excessive advertising, sometimes comes to the economic rise of many middle-class families, and the cost of autos and fashion becomes excessive. In other cases the import of parts that must also be transported to manufacture new models further price rises. Likewise many pieces are made to be broken easily, and having to be replaced quickly. All this is to encourage greater production, but based on the waste, there are ways to avoid those things.

The fact is that competition for that country produces more goods, is contrary to the Truth. Why then, the life of the country becomes a constant competition to see who produces more wealth, which is the same as when people are competing among themselves to see who accumulates more assets. What we can end only lead to a life where if we are not able to accumulate more assets than the other makes us unhappy. As the worst case, that the excessive production of goods produced a considerable deterioration of the environment. And when the competition is unfair, it's even worse, because it can cause excessive poverty of many people.

The trade should be used for something good, as is the help that others can have a job and can get good quality goods at a fair cost. Then install the companies in other countries can help in that way, but if not used to it.
On the other hand nothing Communism aid to justice, because it follows the same rules as other countries but combining the abuses of capitalism, with the same abuses of communism. What comes to become a problem for others. Because it is difficult to control such practices, which are exacerbated by smuggling. And then to cause crisis in many countries means that unemployment is rampant and sects.
In the case of Protestant churches are the most harmful, because it is through them that can handle large numbers of people, through doctrines designed with certain purposes hidden. Being developed especially for ill purposes benefit some groups that promote such things and come to form large empires at the expense of poverty and suffering of others. In the name of Christianity have taken the liberty of many countries. Using manipulate governments. Efforts to introduce Christianity through a variety of sects, both Christian and mainly Communists (see: True History).

The capitalist system, which consists of the following mechanisms to operate and be controlled by a small number of countries. It has to be that way or not at all official is important that governments take this as work, to ensure that laws to control such practices and are equitable for all, and these mechanisms are:

1.- BANKS:
This part is important, while some economists say that to refer to a country, enough banks and roads. This is the first part of the game. And improper for a government that is an easy way to move large funds from one country to another, just as moving funds earned by the companies to serve their purposes in the country that have been established. As the capitalist system is based largely on the accumulation of large capitals, as it is with them that can extend or buy a company, often displacing competitors. In addition, banks will bring benefits to businesses, because a company can obtain credit with a very low interest within a country, while using that money in another country without difficulty because they are banks, which have a presence in many nations.

To monitor the banks, it is essential that they are administered directly by the government. But it is important that these are national banks, that is not owned by transnational consortia, which are engaged in such practices. Because all companies should have equal opportunities and is important for governments to take control of the movement of money, avoiding any speculation. The same should happen with the brokerage firms, which can be very damaging.
With regard to credit, this practice can help in certain cases, but should not be promoted as something that is made at every opportunity, such as credit cards, because it is best to look for other ways different. In addition to laws that are unfair in many cases. For example if one were to accept the devaluation of currencies, having money in the bank may be something practical, without necessarily receiving great interest. As for those seeking a credit will be easier to pay interest that is fair. The fact is that if a bank or a person lends money to another, should not collect too many interests and those interests should not under any circumstances exceed the amount provided from the outset, and his party who has contracted a debt duty to comply with its obligations.

This is the next part of the system and is based on the various currencies may have different value, which is controlled directly or indirectly by governments selfish. So, for any reason should be linked the currency of one country to another.
The importance of the currency and his game is as obvious as the interest of some countries for having a strong currency. The fact is that there is no logical or moral reason for a currency to be worth more than another, because neither a job nor a product may be worth more in a given country, only the pretext that a currency has more value, because that is unfair.

Then the game of the currency is that one hand a someone country has a currency with a high and constant, so that other countries to acquire and use that currency in any trade. On the other hand these countries economically strong allies were using to manufacture their products in their territories, where the currency has a very low value, taking advantage of this product may be sold at fares which are then traded to other nations. Thus we see at this time a large number of factories and brands in countries with communist governments in which the currency has a very low value. Besides that, for example, some of these countries or nations may have very large territories and therefore produce a large quantity of raw materials. With foreign and own factories in these places do not have to buy a lot of other countries. Then be sold to those goods from those countries, they have a very low value in other currencies which have a higher value. This is achieved because the government has devalued its currency does not follow the same rules as other countries, hiding in some elements of the communist system, just by following the rules that suit it. Thus, when entering other markets for these products have a value so low that domestic firms find it impossible to compete against them, and when they come through smuggling, the consequences are terrible. Because many national companies go bankrupt and that its workers are laid off and the best they get a job but with a lower wage.

This law practice or rather, it controls the value of many goods that are sold as much or as little. For example, if a shortage of commodity price increases automatically. The problem is that the shortage of goods can be controlled by many means. It's enough to hide that part of the goods and then claim that there is not enough and therefore the price is higher.

For these reasons, it is very important that the various products and services, their prices do not change so easily, it is best to be unchanged as far as possible, unless they can be lower, but stable.
Not that it matters so much property, or how to become a rich country, but what does matter is the fact that capitalism is linked to Protestantism and frequently work together, so desperate to create, make their entry Protestant sects and can penetrate more easily. Besides that governments must learn to be considerate of others, just like people. And it happens often that a democratic government can abuse its position by failing to inform the people, the consequences of their actions. In these circumstances the people living in those countries, should consider either the act of a government, so that when you have the opportunity to throw you for a candidate to avoid doing so by those who are selfish to others.

Monopolies and its variants such as: the bipolies and trademarks are a problem for family welfare and advancement of technology. Monopolies like the bipolies are a way of trying to engross all, giving no opportunity for others. The same applies to patents and trademarks that are worth many times won a prestigious course based advertising abusive or others to avoid compete to capture all the technology. Because while it is true that he who makes a new discovery, invention, improvement or work deserves a reward for it, it must be within the principle of justice, so that you can get a fair profit, but it becomes half hoarding and abuse of technology.
So that abuses always tend to benefit a few, they are always going to benefit others. Because as in the case of the early church, where a few are worth the same early church in order to abuse others, like today in a few days worth of Protestant politics to abuse others, trying to take advantage of each transaction or trade.

The next step of abusive practices, the international courts, such practices are now trying to perform in a manner that seeks to implement new trade rules, especially developed to be used by those governments that seek to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

The fact is that when a country is subjected to such systems, can not have a stable economy. Always going to win because he says the country's government that established the system. Unfair because the government is always going to invent excuses to control others, as the weather is bad, or that the stock market low on this or that reason. The important thing is not to support such systems, while it should be also the establishment of companies and technologies, because all countries must work for the progress of all.

It is also important to take special care in certain areas that should be watched most of the banks also:

1.- THE MEDIA: The media are very important because through them you can influence people, either to buy certain products, to create conformity with regard to the injustice, political manipulation, manipulation on the part of sects and so on. Since the media as television, reaching more people and are the strongest form of influence on people. Because through them you can use language in general and the subliminal social manipulation in a much easier. Because it is a tool to generate a large number of hidden messages. And people are exposed to them for several hours, which is not true for example with an announcement likely to be on the street.
That is why these companies should be national priority, failing to be controlled with the utmost care. These include: television, radio, newspaper or journal, magazine ads and dramatic.
In other media like film and others, should be monitored and informed the public about them.
Also every country must invest in technology and production of programming, especially that which is aimed at children, is because it can cause major damage. The most common examples are the cartoons. They often come to have a high content of violence and manipulation. It is for these reasons that if the public prefers to see children's cartoons. Then they must be produced mostly in the same country, especially to preserve traditions.
Moreover, it is well that in addition to local programming, can be observed in other places, with the possibility of learning about other cultures, but the important thing is to control, monitor content that may be especially harmful to take, including stronger dose of subliminal language.

2.- ENERGY: The energy is a very important factor in a country that stretches from the petroleum, coal, natural gas, electricity and so on. Since these resources can work like machines, from trucks, ships, aircraft, electrical equipment, to machinery. The ideal is that such resources are managed by the state to achieve its most appropriate use and control. For his part the countries that have an abundance of energy such as oil and natural gas, should seek to help countries that do not have them or have a strong economy, with preferential prices. And most importantly, not allow these resources are used as a tool to control the prices of other products, or other evil purposes.

3.- ROADS AND BRIDGES: This is where route. He can move freely within a country is important in this case it is best that is also administered by the government of that country.

4.- BROKERAGE FIRMS: It is important that this is never subject to such a system, because it lends itself to many abuses in this case should be avoided as far as possible, even eliminating such mechanisms because they come from things like speculation, and all kinds of abusive practices.

Moreover, while trade can be a source of progress. It is necessary that the correct focus. In the sense of cooperation and not abuse as sometimes happens in the case of technology, because a country where there is no interest in producing technology can expand poverty. All work is important. With regard to science, it is because it can make better use of resources we have, you can have better drugs, we can preserve the nature, the work becomes more productive. So that if we want progress for all. We need to invest in education, universities, training of teachers in the universities to generate scientific research, like all businesses.

It is also good to control foreign investment, so that this does not exceed the number of domestic companies. That in order to encourage competition, but in no way a substitute for domestic companies or traditional companies, such as small workshops. While there are sectors that require greater effort, such as microelectronics, aerospace, chemical, computer and space technology. That does not mean that there is no possibility of creating agencies with several countries to develop these technologies, agencies formed by small countries economically, where each can benefit from it.

The excessive imports of products may be the largest of the pitfalls of capitalism. Because it necessarily unemployment and poverty, and while we all have freedom to trade, to be reached alarming cases like this, where products from countries with communist governments allied with other governments unjust products offer fares. And although it is trying to control through the customs duty, it is so low that prices of such goods encourage smuggling, causing severe damage to other countries. Practices being carried out by governments selfish often beyond the will of the people. In these cases there may be two cases first. When people supporting the acts of his government and Second. When the people are deceived by their government, but even in such cases it is important that people are critical of their rulers and even if it were a government imposed by force, should try as much as possible not to encourage such practices.
There are governments that support production of factories which employ robotic machines, which are destroying many jobs indirectly, and this makes the production goes abroad.
Such products are competing with domestic products of the country which are exported. But if the country does not export to purchase the same level then the jobs lost are from the same country as the purchase. So as you can see how the machine targeted to occupy the lowest number of workers. While not always get to have significant in countries where they occur, if it happens in other countries where such goods are sold. This is worse when a communist government abuses of capitalism while exploiting other abuses engineered by communism. It is therefore important that people do not buy smuggled goods. Because that would only worsen an already difficult situation even without smuggling. So that when purchasing goods smuggling, may seem to buy a bargain, but in reality are exchanging these products for their employment, or by a well-paid jobs.
Because it should be that all nations have equal rights. Truth is that this is not all you need, as always come to counterattacks from abusive companies, however, a strong conviction for justice can control these trade policies selfish.

A fitness effort will always progress, but we must not forget that God created nature, and harmony, and this must be respected. Because it is part of a whole. And therefore should not be committed against this abuse. Must be living in harmony with it.
Good government must be seen as a commitment to justice and brotherhood, and when it comes to relations with other countries is always important to have an aptitude for honesty and fairness to the other, avoiding as much as possible and the idolatry of consumerism materialism. So it is best that this life is a journey of togetherness, where we learn to share with others, looking forward to the others and not at the expense of them.


The work must reach everywhere, from cities to the countryside, where the field begins to be the entire production process, is where the concern should be initiated to bring technology to people who work there, have a fair payment for his efforts.
Scientists must find the good with the help of God, to provide technology for the environment and all those working in the field and have a fair payment for their crops and set up mechanisms to reduce the number of intermediaries and unfair competition from foreign products, which must be purchased only when domestic production is insufficient.


Everyone has the right to education. This right is that everyone should be given the necessary education to achieve their livelihood and social adjustment. With every government has the obligation to provide education to all people. With each right comes an obligation, as well as the government has the obligation to provide education to the country it serves. So any student has an obligation to make efforts in the study. So while most countries were providing support to study the early years of education, this should not end there. So while a student may continue to approve the materials for the extended school year, the government must continue to provide a place to study.
Education is important, because it depends on the technology that a country might develop.
Education is important during the first years of childhood and adolescence, because that's when you start to form the person. This is where the student should be instructed not to comply with injustice, to strive, by teaching the importance of the history of their country, trying to teach him what he really was not the history and the history written with political interests. Because if it is the wrong way. Then the student and the country at large to continue repeating the mistakes of the past.
In education there are two types of lessons: the first is the religious education, which the ideal is to be performed in the temples, and the second is related to knowledge about things of this world, especially in regard to the work that everyone will have in society.
In the second, although there is also the education provided by private companies, that should be monitored by the state and while there may allow the stay of foreign teachers to improve education in some cases. On the other side is not good to allow foreign investment in education because it can cause many purposes which are not always good.
It's important to teach students to think, to think that there are several ways to solve a problem that serves to teach everything and not turn it into a sponge to learn things without reason. Because there is no point in making it a walking encyclopedia. It is very important that a child knows the pitfalls of marketing, bad politics, psychology, sociology and so on. They must also be taught to be critical of a person capable of finding the reasons for everything, and the importance of a united country. It must inculcate the importance of work well done, not to have limitations and realize that all that effort may be able to create technology, while respecting the nature and rights of others.
It is important to teach that way all the society. Therefore, we must all contribute to it. So the worker must perform a job well completed, the employer should take care to create new jobs and develop technology. Because the only think about their own benefit, it becomes a burden to society and that does not benefit any country.

Teachers must be well educated and taught to appreciate his work and that much depends on the future of a country. In addition, they must be given a fair wage and recognize their efforts when warranted.
As for the universities, these are important, because it depends on a country prosperous, for that reason should not be spared in this effort is a priority for every country, should coordinate education with scientific research, without complex unstinting efforts.
With regard to sects, to be understood that while there is freedom, and thus the freedom to choose a religion, it must be understood that if one hand there may be a variety of lessons. On the other hand, it is necessary to respect people's freedom, because when a sect uses tools of psychology, and social persuasion, this violation of freedom, regardless of what the law clearly sanctioned or not.
Therefore, from the education provided in schools to provide basic knowledge to students, as the defending freedom of a country is the top priority that should have everything ruler.


Every president must ensure that peace prevails over any circumstances.
It is true that throughout history wars have abounded for all sorts of reasons, fair and unfair. There were occasions on which to defend freedom and justice, many took up arms and come to kill others to make a law be respected, but the world must move towards the good, and that development should be pursued peace. A good leader knows and knows reason find agreements. More importantly with convincing reasons to convince the arms. We know that there are abuses on the part of many countries, but not for that reason we must find violence.
It is important not to fall in the game of violence. God is Our Lady Tonantzin Teteoinan teaches us that people should not kill other people, and teaches us not to discriminate against anyone.
A good government must find the strategy, together with other nations.
We must remember the case of Simon Bolivar, who achieve the freedom of various nations in the Americas, which although initially took up arms to achieve their purposes. On the other hand, when the war ended, the first thing they look for, was to defend the gains and avoid endless wars. Succeeded in bringing together many countries on the American continent, thus the military powers of his time, that if at any time a country tried to re-conquer the continent, efforts would be futile. Because in that case would join all the countries of the continent to fight any army. The important thing here is that these agreements made by Simon Bolivar initiative succeeded because it would prevent any future war with Europe.

Simon Bolivar is known as the liberator of the Americas and know that he was very devoted to our Divine Lady. Simon Bolivar came to visit the Basilica of Our Lady Tonantzin Teteoinan (Virgin of Guadalupe), and naming one of his daughters with the name of Guadalupe.

In other cases, such as achieving independence Mahatma Gandhi of India, but not cause a war. One can see that there is always the possibility of finding ways to avoid military battles.
At present one of the biggest problems is the Protestant invasion, and it happens that a government can be more convenient and easier to do nothing. But in the long term consequences could be terrible.
We can see the example of history, and while the freedom to choose a religion or education, is a right. This is because of free choice and in no way relates to allow certain groups seeking to bring to others through elaborate strategies. To first introduce a number of sects and then use psychological manipulation techniques to implement their sects, taking advantage of all the loopholes that exist in most countries today. Because it happens that at present, the psychology is still viewed with some superstition, when in fact, should be taken as a serious problem.
Then it is seen that freedom is an undeniable right, but also the right to know the Truth is. In this case, it is better to stop something that is happening and that affects the nation, which by the opposite side, let sects flourish in the future and eventually lead to outbreaks of violence, as many sects do not mind the means to disseminate, simply and only see their goal already.
Moreover it should be noted that in many religions good that even when they speak of the truth, there is division among them, mainly for political reasons. This is something that must be borne in mind, since any religion that speaks of the truth has no reason not to admit that there are other religions that share the same knowledge about what is True. It is therefore important to respect religions good, and as to which are not good, they also must respect, as there is freedom, even to follow a false prophet. Provided they do not try to submit by force or through deception, this is where governments should take special care not to allow abuses affecting people's freedom.

Another problem are the groups for their political ambitions, causing divisions in the country. Because the only division favors ambitions of empires, and is seeking the agreement valid cause divisions. Although they have been reached. If the time comes to an unjust government intends to invade a foreign country, it is from that time, they must forget all differences and no country should remain quiet because he could be the next to be invaded.

Today nuclear weapons are a major threat to humanity and even to the point in some countries to build a system that leads to detonate missiles targeting all countries. If the case came to threaten the possibility of a military defeat, an example of absolute nonsense and selfishness that could only be motivated by irrationality. Yet the world will be destroyed in nuclear war, because God will not allow those things. Every good leader must see that there is order in the universe, and that there is order, there must be someone who will build and keep it constant, then the president knows well that together with the wisdom, you can seek help from God.
Every president should instruct his country not to fall prey to modern weapons such as psychology.
It is more important reason to have many weapons. And as God save the world during the missile crisis (see True History story) away to people who wanted to confuse people. Likewise we should encourage thinking and always seek the help of God, not to allow any country to be manipulated. In the same way governments should not feed a lie, whether in politics or in history, because it only favors the forces of disorder.
The selfish always looking for their benefit at the expense of the hungry poor in the country through treaties and unfair practices. The evil ruler is left to take their passions and not able to master their own instincts.


Health is the proper harmony with nature. Most health problems come through diseases caused by microbes. These are in nature, but as in the universe in general, there is a struggle of various good and bad, and this is where you should seek a balance in nature.
The most effective way to combat this evil is through technology, development of technology by universities and pharmaceutical companies. It is essential in health care, but health is part of a whole, and as in a person is taken to ensure clean, healthy food and medical aid.
The environment also requires that assistance. The conservation of forests and woodlands not only helps to maintain a breathable air and attract rainfall. They also contribute by providing a wide variety of plants and insects on which new drugs get some as a result of the use of traditional medicine and others through scientific research. But we need the effort to improve our medical knowledge, and this is where governments must put a good part of his effort, trying to help care for the environment and with other measures such as hospitals that reach all the locations of their countries, taking advantage of technology.
Another important point is that medicines are provided at affordable prices. Every government has the obligation to promote health, and make it reach all social groups in their countries.

Protection of the Family.

Every family should have a set of basic rights such as: the right to health, the right to education, the right to take a job with a fair salary, to aspire to own a decent house, a decent and transport enough.

The government should strive for this can be done.
At the same time people have a number of obligations, because with each right comes a duty, and these are: maintaining a clean environment, the student to make efforts in their studies and do not miss classes. Anyone who works at a job well done, to respect the property of others. You can not expect the government to do all the work, if it gives us a home, we must pay for it, within our possibilities, so that we can afford it and once that money to continue to provide alternative housing. We must help whenever there is opportunity, as well as the government has an obligation to collect taxes fair to the progress of families and businesses not to impose burdens it difficult or causing the rise in prices or claim by taxing food, medicine, books or education. So we must all contribute to paying taxes because they are used to construct the works for one country.


Every government has the obligation to prevent the vices flourish.
Everyone is free, and may have a defect, while not harming other people. But it is just having the knowledge of the consequences they bring the vices such as alcoholism, smoking, gambling, pornography and so on.

First it is important not to allow the advertisement or promotion of services through advertising on television, radio, spectacular ads, magazines and general media, because its function should be to promote the services.
Second products that tend to hurt people as cigarettes or alcohol in their packaging must carry warnings about the consequences they may bring.
All students in basic education should be warned of the consequences of faults, especially the different types of drugs.
Medical and psychological assistance should not miss anyone who requests to have fallen into a habit.


There are many international organizations, among the best known is the U. N. United Nations. That organization was created after the world wars in order to achieve agreements between the great powers, and thus avoid a new armed confrontation. So that arrangements peaceful, or at least that is the purpose of the organization, the major powers are divided over the world in a peaceful manner, but no longer as dominant in the past where territorial empires and absolute. Which currently are spread economic empires, and in some cases military occupations.
So for small countries, sometimes these organizations become unjust, so often his voice is not, then how important is the union of small countries, to be heard together, then there may be justice those organizations.

- Check the abuses of the big powers. Exactly the same way it operates a trade union, as both individuals and countries have the right to join to justice and conduct strikes, if necessary, as well as a company reaches a strike . For their part, the countries can make pacts to draw the attention of countries seeking to impose economic blockades and embargoes against other reason for refusing to follow its rules in-field. Since the imposition of certain prices, or because they refuse to bow to unjust demands. These are things that should not be permitted, much less consent through agencies unjust. This is not to harm any country, nor to take advantage over others through international organizations, but any organization that seeks a fair and equitable treatment to all countries and especially among its own members. So they must have equal participation in such organizations, which among other things have a duty to seek progress for all.

Technological collaboration.

Organizations should seek to collaborate to create new technologies that can reach all countries, even the smallest. This followed an ideal of sharing with the smaller countries, so that technology serves the progress of all in an atmosphere of unity and cooperation, in order to prevent the powerful countries, aided by technologies, committing abuses against countries which are not rich.
The technology can also serve to progress, as well as the care of the environment, space exploration, medicine, transportation, etc. so that sharing is a good thing.


The culture is important. We can see it in the arts: Architecture, painting, sculpture, music, etc.. Art is the identity of nations, is the expression of the soul. It is important that each country can create its own architecture, its own art, because otherwise it's like to have no identity. Copy the architecture of other countries, is a way to suppress the identity is not to avoid anything that is not a citizen, because we must also consider that we can enrich culturally from other countries, but it is important to always have an identity.