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The dogs in our dreams mainly symbolize loyalty, companionship, commitment, and loyalty, but if it is a white dog is usually related to marriage.
In some cases may be related to someone who left this world, especially when our dream we see a relative or friend who has departed from this world and the same dream a dog is present (meaning that family or friends visiting us dreams to give us an important message) but it can happen, for example, that in the past we had a dog that has already left this world, and dream that speaks, in which case it is our mascot who visits us in dreams give us an important message, as our pets also have souls, and can become a type of angels.

- If it's a prophetic dream (as when we follow the instructions to have a prophetic dream) and we SEE A DOG WE´VE HAD IN THE PAST, but already departed from this world, next to our bed, means that we continuously care, similar to like our guardian angels. For example, can help avoid nightmares harmful, ie, in this case, we keep them in our dreams, because our pets also have souls.

- If you hear his BARK, warns us of danger.

- To dream of BATHING A DOG, means we have a sense of guilt is unjustified.

- Seeing a BLACK DOG GIVE SEIZURES, tells us that a friend or relative already departed from this world is in limbo, which advises us to pray in the morning, to help you find your way to Heaven.

- Seeing a DOG IN OUR BED, means the possibility of getting married, or that things are going well in our marriage, but only if the dog is not black, because then it means the opposite, ie difficulties to get married, or that things are not quite right in our marriage.

- If you dream of a WHITE DOG BITING AN ELECTRICAL CORD, means there may be discussions with the family, by our decision to marry, and if the dog is electrocuted, it means there is also a danger, but if not electrocuted, you do not will not pass any danger and some discussion.

- If a BLACK DOG WILL BITE, meaning that a compromise or probable compromise of marriage is in danger of breaking or wearing out. But if the dog is of a different color means danger of breaking, either in a courtship, engagement, friendship or marriage and the meaning of color can give us more details.

- If we dream that we are on a ladder and a BLACK DOG JUMPS ON US and we hold them as we dog kisses, that is, as we lick your face, plus it is dark down but up is light, means that a family member or friend who left this world, and is heaven.

- If in our dream we see a VERY THIN BLACK DOG (as if I had not eaten for a long time), means that a friend or a relative who recently departed this world needs our help, for example, our prayers, so you can get to heaven.

- To dream that a DOG IS BOTHERING us, it means that there is something about marriage that is bothering us, whether we are not yet married, we want to get married, but found with whom, et cetera.
Can also mean that you no longer wish to be loyal to someone, for some reason, for example: Because that person does not correspond to our loyalty or because that person is a liar.

- Dream a DOG WITH BROKEN LEG, means the end of a commitment or loyalty.

- To see a BROWN DOG THAT LOOKS FROM A BALCONY, promises us a new love, marriage prospects.

- To dream that a dog CHIHUAHUA or brown color Beishan jumps into our arms, means the possibility of new love.

- Where once we had a dog that we appreciated, but left this world, and dream of COMING BACK (as if there were game and only got lost), means that the soul of our dog we have visited in a dream for us an important message (and that dogs have souls, and can also be guardian angels).

- If you see a DOG IN DANGER, it means that a loving relationship may be at risk.

- Dream to open the FRONT DOOR of our house and in doing so goes white dog, means probable marriage.

- If you have long HAD A GIRLFRIEND OR BOY FRIEND (as appropriate) ALREADY DEPARTED FROM THIS WORLD and our dream, we see as an attack dog, means that in the past someone did something to prevent that person we married.

- Dreaming of a HOUND dog's breed, it means that we must look again, and relates to our current situation, for example, find the best way to resolve an issue or find out more about a certain topic, to name a few.

- If you dream of a DOG LYING ON THE FLOOR, NEXT TO THE DOG WE SEE TRASH, it means that someone who does not want us to get married, and trying to do anything to avoid it.

- If in our dream we see a MAROON DOG is long-term relationships and fortunate, for example, may mean that we have a happy and lasting marriage. And if I dream that a brown dog jumps on us and hugged him, means the same as above.

- If you dream of a DOG INSIDE A PLASTIC BAG, it means that if we are not sufficiently loyal to those who trust us, soon we may have problems.

- If it's a PUPPY, it is a burgeoning friendship or a friendship that is stronger.

- If in our dream we see a grave of a RELATIVE OR FRIEND WHO WE HAVE NOT HEARD IN A LONG TIME, and we see a dog passing by the place, means that person has already left this world.

- Dreaming of a ROTTWEILER, means:
1. If you dream of trying to bite, it means that a compromise is in danger, or that we fail to see the fulfillment of our desires to marry who we love.
2. If we bite means the same as above, only that the danger is even greater.

- If you dream THAT WE RUN FROM A DOG, means that we got rid of an undertaking (dating, business, covenant, promise, etc.), unless it is a white dog, because then the meaning is more specific and tell us that we got rid of marrying someone who does not suit us.

- If you dream that WE RUN FROM A DOG, BUT THEN WE REACHED, and instead of being aggressive, friendly, meaning that there was a compromise that did not seem to suit us, but then began to change his mind, then, the dream tells us Which is fine, because that commitment if we should (dating, business, partnership, marriage, et cetera.).

- Where once we had a dog, but the already departed from this world and dream that we TALK, it means that he is, who visit us in dreams to give us an important message that relates to the meaning of the other things that we see in sleep.

- If you dream of a dog, black or yellow (of any race) TRYING TO CROSS A STREET, BUT THAT INTENT IS TO HIT and is injured in the middle of the avenue, means that someone who left this world recently in limbo, so you need our help to get to Heaven. I suggest we pray in the morning by that person for four days straight and if possible put your picture of him next to an image of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) so that she guided him and help him reach Heaven

- If a child in his dreams he sees a family member or friend, then see a room with WALLS DECORATED WITH DOGS, it means that you trust or feel you can trust that relative or friend.

- Dream to CRUSH A WHITE DOG, means we have some doubts about marriage. This dream advises us analyze the situation well.

- To dream that a WHITE DOG ATTACKS us, it means that someone trying to avoid getting married.

- To dream that a WHITE DOG SNATCHED THE HAM and we eat it, means that there is someone we would get married, but we run the risk of being slighted by that someone. - If in our dream we see a white dog gets in our way, probably means marriage.

- To dream that a WHITE DOG LOOKS AT US IN THE KITCHEN, it means that we have known who could get married.

- To see a WHITE DOG IN A CRATE, means luck connected with marriage, but if we see a white dog with brown in a drawer, it means luck in love with the possibility of getting married.

- If we RUN FROM A WHITE DOG, means that we are free to marry someone who does not suit us, if instead the white dog is not aggressive, meaning you can be near a compromise that we can agree on sometimes may even appear in our sleep that person who could get married. The important thing is that in all cases we pay attention to other signs of sleep for more details of the message.

- See a DOG YAWN, says that we should not be indifferent to those who trust us or to our partners.

Here we see two dogs Xoloescuincle race, which usually are black or yellow.


It means progress on your personal situation.

- Seeing a coyote tells us that we can meet or just scammers that we have economic problems, we must be prepared for any issue that is presented in this regard.
- Dreaming with a feathered coyote (coyote with feathers instead of hair) or a talisman that has to do with the coyotes, tells us that we are protected from harm.
- If in our dream we see a coyote walking in the desert, we said that we should not think that all people are dishonest.
- If in our dream we see an aggressive coyote, tells us that we need not be fair to the dishonest and treacherous people.
- If in our dream we see a coyote in our way, means there will be robbers on the road, or that we will find dishonest people.

French poodle:
- Represents loyalty and or marriage. But if in our day we are married and living in our dream we see a dog race french poodle, and most obvious is that your hair is curly Chinese or even more than usual, says we must defend our marriage.
- If our dreams we see that a truck or a bus runs over a french poodle, tells us that we must avoid damaging someone else's marriage.

- If in our dream we see a wolf or a wolf, it's a warning, telling us that we must be careful with some of our friends, dishonest, or from our opponents who act in a disloyal and treacherous.
- To dream of a wolf evil, says it's important that we be careful with someone close who can act treacherous and disloyal.
- Dream a wolf that devours us, means that there is a serious danger on us, because of someone close, who is also a hypocritical and treacherous.
- Dreaming bad wolf becomes good tells us that someone close to us in the past was disloyal and treacherous and even seems to have changed their way of life, advises us not to sleep too complacent.

Xoloescuincle dream of a color either black or yellow is a sign that represents loyalty, support, guidance, and fidelity.
- If Xoloescuincle is friendly, means that we are sincere and well.
- If we see a Xoloescuincle pleading, it is a council that tells us we get back on track.
- If you hear a howl means that the death of someone close.
- If your eyes are aggression, advises us to be as honest with others as we want them to be with us.
- If you hear his bark, warns us of danger.
- If we see a Xoloescuincle in danger, means that a loving relationship may be at risk.
- If it's a puppy Xoloescuincle, is a burgeoning friendship or a friendship that is stronger.